Houston Mom Survives Car Crash Because of 38KKK Breasts

Another boom for the breast enhancement industry?  Are women going to run out and get big boobs to protect them in car crashes?  Maybe the auto insurance industry will mandate mammoth breasts making all men happy.

Sheyla Hershey Survives Car Crash Because of 38KKK Breasts

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Submitted by Michael Allen on Feb 10, 2012

Houston resident Sheyla Hershey was driving home to Humble, Texas from a Super Bowl party on Sunday when she lost control of her Ford Mustang and crashed into a tree.

She wasn’t wearing a seat belt, but survived the crash because of her enormous 38KKK breasts, which acted as an airbag-like cushion.

The Daily Mail reports that Hershey was charged with a DUI, but appeared in court Monday and denied she was driving drunk.

The 32-year-old model originally held a Guinness World Record with 38MMM breast implants, but lost them to a life-threatening infection. However, she plans to to get them pumped back up to 33MMM, maybe because of the accident?

The shapely mom, who has spent $100,000 on her breasts, told Barcroft Media: “I think my breasts saved my life. The accident was bad and my boobs are sore, but they protected the rest of me.”

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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