Sad Irish History: Unwed Mothers ‘Subhuman’- used in Vaccine Trials

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How many women have we shamed for being unwed and pregnant? How many do we still shame today. This is a sad article on how HIS-tory has rendered women subhuman; subjected to slave labor. How many of these women were raped and assaulted. Remembering women’s history is the only way to prevent these tragedies from ever happening again. We should all shake our heads in shame. If this happens to one woman – it happens to all women.

Ireland’s sorrow and our shame

The Irish Examiner
June 12, 2014

Can one express with deep sorrow and regret what has happened in Ireland since it gained its independence.


Tuam Babies Burial Site

And what we have read over the last two weeks.

The Irish Government gave the Catholic Church the right to decide that women, babies and children that were born out of wedlock and born in the Bethany homes were less then subhuman, and decided women who wore a habit and swore an allegiance to God were the best people to look after babies and children.

These women’s births, deaths, baptism certificates are all missing.

They were used in vaccine trials.

Children were charged and sentenced, sent through the courts for a bounty to the industrial schools for up to 16 years, where their welfare was never checked.

Children were sent to Magdalene Laundries and mental homes.

Then we have Éamon de Valera in 1939 bring out his own starving order, re-enacted it again after the war in 1945 with venom.

People who joined the British forces suffered an emergency order made by the Irish Government to penalise certain named deserters from its armed forces.

Their children were then sentenced to the industrial schools. The Government gave the British Government the bill for the children and the British government paid.

This information went on to your committal papers when children were sent to the industrial schools, and that you were illegitimate like it states on mine. But no country of birth.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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