Mother Jailed for Sobbing in Court after Losing Custody to Abusive Father

Leslie Carol Botha: There is a growing trend of mothers who have not only been abused by their husbands – but by the courts awarding abusive men custody of their innocent children.  Robin’s now grown son Christopher was a witness to the day when his mother was told to turn over her children.

Already too old for his years from his experience watching an abusive system punish his mother for protecting all three of her children, Christopher was just a boy of 13 when he wrote this heart-searing screenplay. Technically powerless to do anything about what he witnessed–as would be anyone–he not only watched in horror but tried his valiant boyish best to intervene.

“Ma’am, give him the children and there won’t be any trouble. Alright?
Do you understand? Just give Mr. Duckworth the children.”–Kentucky State Trooper Elliot

Judgment Call

Posted on April 5, 2013 by JMcQueen

It’s Friday, so let’s play an easy game. Take a look at this mug shot and guess what this woman did to land herself in jail. Just study her picture for a minute or two and guess: What did she do? What kind of person does she look like? Don’t worry about being fair or having facts. Just take a guess.

Here goes:


Robin mug-shot-cropped

OK–here’s what she did: She broke down and sobbed in court after the judge awarded sole custody of her two younger children to their abusive father.

The judge’s “official” charge was criminal trespass. Robin Karr appeared at a court hearing she’d been ordered to attend, so the “reason” for her arrest is ludicrous. But her arrest only came after she dared to demonstrate emotion, and then it came swiftly. The female judge was offended, perhaps disgusted, by this mother’s display of grief at her no-doubt carefully calculated ruling.

In short–Robin Karr was arrested for crying.

“I went into shock while in jail and lost all of my hair.  The trauma was all just so great,” she says. “Why was I arrested for criminal trespass when I was at a hearing I was ordered to attend? I’ve never wanted anyone to see the arrest photo before, but I don’t care at this point. I want people to see what a protective mother being arrested for crying over not being allowed to see her babies, even supervised, looks like.”

What did you see when you first viewed Robin’s mugshot? You wouldn’t be alone if you assumed she was there because she’d done something terrible. That’s most everyone’s assumption when a person is arrested–they assume the person is guilty, else they wouldn’t have been arrested in the first place, right? But these days, you can’t know that. It can be as capricious as the whim of a sadistic judge who seems hell-bent on adding more flames to someone’s living hell. An abusive spouse–or in this case, a judge–can have a woman arrested for practically anything.

In other words, those prison bars are going to clang shut behind you regardless of whether you actually did anything, or not. If someone wants to put you there, they can if they find clever means. This is how the “divorce gamesmanship” I write about is easily carried out through manipulation of laws that make it easier than ever before to get someone arrested. This is why I’ve strived to educate people how to spot when this could possibly happen, how to spot the game as it’s put into action. Because usually, the target of this game of deception is oblivious that such things can happen, and is caught unawares–and that, my friends, is the game.

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Hanging on by Fingernails


Janie McQueen is the author of   Holding On By My Fingernails, a brilliant book exposing how men manipulate the single thing women thought they had on their side: the criminal justice system,” says Tamara Holder, a popular FOX News analyst who penned the foreword. She also brings to the book clear insights into complex record-clearing laws, and the effects even a dropped criminal charge can have on employment.


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.


  1. RIGHT NOW I am going through the the insanity of the court system. I don’t want anything handed to me but I went into this thinkin that the court system would at least BE FAIR. The judicial bias is so EXTREME that a blind and deaf third grader could easily identify it. Yet, there is no one that this judge has to be accountable to. He can side with whomever he wants, for whatever reason he wants and there is no consequences for him. The only recourse that a victim of judicial bias has is a VERY VERY expensive appeal (which most judges know people cannot afford) or going public. Well, I plan on going public very soon in a big way. This has GOT TO be exposed and I plan on doing my best. If anyone want more info, post your email or phone number to this site and I can fill you in.

  2. Thank you Joanne for your post. I know of too many women who are going through this atrocity with their children and their abusive fathers. Please listen to Barry Goldstein’s interviews on my radio show. He has been on twice and will be on my show again in the beginning of June. Information on Barry – along with other articles are posted here:

    Stacy Lynne is a Fort Collins resident who had her child stolen by a Judge. She is on the latest interview with Barry. There is a group in New York working on this issue too. If you are on Facebook – you can connect with Barry there.

  3. Thank you Leslie !!!

  4. I never dreamt that a woman can have a very irresponsible,abusive,sadistic husband,look after their children on her own as he is out socializing,drinking,womanizing most of the time and one day lose custody of the children to HIM,in so many countries USA,UK,AU,France,Italy,virtually everwhere now ,while the public still do not have a clue about it.That has happened to me and I am reeling with shock,pain,humiliation,devastation on all levels,anger ,loss of career,health,fury that I had not been warned about it on time.I thought that children were truly protected and put first.I would not wish this on my worst enemy and young women yet to have children need to be warned…

  5. Sonia – I am so sorry this is happening to you to – and to hundreds of other women. Perhaps even thousands. And the public does not have a clue. Women are raped in court. Their rights are violated and their children taken away. There are so many who have been through this… and so many more women who feel humiliated and alone. I interviewed a man one time about this issue. He had written a book entitled: “The Garbage Generation

    This book outlines the consequences of the destruction of the two-parent family and the need to stabilize it by strengthening its weakest natural link, the role of the biological father. It is written from a secular perspective and includes a few things with which the owner of the Fish Eaters Website would definitely quibble. But it most certainly makes its case about the need for patriarchy, destroying the myth of women being innocent, sexless little fluffballs in the process — a quite necessary destruction in that reaching the goal of chastity shouldn’t be based on lies and pious tales about the reality of human nature — women being a little more than half of all humans. Failure to deal with actual human nature, rather than sentimentalized versions of it, can only lead to failure, resentment, neuroses, and backlash.

    At any rate, this book is must-reading for all who are concerned about the future of Western civilization — and is definitely the book to give to the radical feminist who decries “the evils of the patriarchy” (which is not at all to belittle real evils suffered by women at the hands of those with sentimentalized, condescending, un-Catholic attitudes towards them).

    Before going on to the book, just think of what our culture is like — the Maury Povich “Who My Baby Daddy” shows with the paternity tests given to ten different men in an attempt to find out who a child’s father is, the newspaper birth announcements which amount to lists of names of single women… How far we’ve fallen.

    How frightening is this attitude?



  6. Sally Sparro says:

    Their mother and I spent two years attempting to get help for my 4 and 6 year old grandchildren. The children were exhibiting disturbing and highly sexualized behavior. I made the initial report to the Police in July of 2010 when my 3-year-old granddaughter started screaming and masturbating frantically when she found out we were on the way to drop her off for visitation with her male parent.

    Over the next two years my granddaughter has constantly been telling stories about her ‘boyfriend’ in his ‘white shoes’ and blonde- haired ‘girlfriend’ and how they hurt her or told her they were going to ‘start a baby inside’ her. As time passed and no one would help us, my four-year old granddaughter was exhibiting extremely sexualized behavior. I observed her brother simulate the sex act on her, and he was severely depressed. We attempted to report that the grandchildren were being molested by persons unknown a total of six times. Patterson International School attempted to report that the children were being molested three times between September and November 2011. My daughter’s clergyman reported that the children were being molested. Nothing was done.

    My Granddaughter did not identify the ‘boyfriend’ until December 8, 2011 when we saw a picture in orange marker that she had drawn at her preschool of herself being assaulted. In that instance when we asked the identity of the male figure, she identified it as ‘Daddy.’ When referring to the erect penis in the drawing she said ‘it makes pee milk.’ The children were later interviewed by Wheatridge Detective Sherri Ells and Jeffco Social Worker Erin Parks. The children stated in the forensic interview that their male parent and his live-in girlfriend had molested them. This was the first time my grandson testified to being molested by his father (he had previously reported to his school psychiatrist that the live-in girlfriend had molested him).
    No sexual allegations were made against the mother (the only things they blamed her for was crying once during a session and holding the kids too much) but they gave full custody to the pedophile. Despite the drawing, despite the children’s testimony, despite my granddaughter sobbing that she didn’t want ‘to be daddy’s girlfriend again.’ This must stop. I haven’t seen them in almost a year. Their mother hasn’t seen them since early November. She makes just above minimum wage and has to pay nearly $500 in child support and over $300 in insurance premiums. WRONG and a TRAVESTY by Colorado Department of Human Services.

  7. This is wrong and is a travesty. Bad things are happening in Colorado. I am aware of that.

  8. HHS has grant funds fueling this. Tied in with AFCC and center for policy research. Looks like they are suppressing abuse to report false research showing women are more abusive in order to defund vawa and to continue getting grants.

  9. sally, this is so horrible. just prayed for a good resolution. these people should all be investigated and prosecuted including the perps but also the people/ departments that gave the victims to the criminals for further exploitation and failed to protect them. this probably needs to happen via outside prosecutors, and civil litigation, by people outside of your local area.

  10. leslie these cases are so horrible, and my own was as well, to the great harm of my 4 daughters- one of whom died. there has been NO justice and we are also experiencing more problems with the grandchildren’s custody. lack of access to legal help, and other problems.

  11. I will share as much as possible & hope this thing goes viral!

  12. W.Jim.Fenton says:

    Your comment of men manipulating is biassed at best! Evil people manipulate an evil system that makes innocent people pay!

  13. Let’s talk about that when women make up 50% of that evil system. We’ll see how ‘evil’ the system is then.
    Thanks for your comment Jim.


  14. Michelle – Thank you so much for you comment. And thank you for sharing. This is a story that needs to go viral. The injustice has gone on for far too long. On behalf of Robin and the other mother’s who have had their children taken from them – we thank you.


  15. Hi, Nunny – these cases are heart-breaking. Can you imagine how many more women there are whose lives have been destroyed and they are too embarrassed, humiliated and shamed into speaking out? I will be covering this topic on my radio show. As I have in the past. Lack of finances, and access to legal help is a huge stumbling block. Add to that fact, that women have been generally so abused by the time they get to court – they are hardly in a mental/emotional state to be able to speak up for themselves – let alone defend themselves.

    Thanks for posting here.


  16. Perps is a good term.



  17. Couple that with synthetic hormone birth control and anti-depressants – and they are creating women who are no longer in control of their emotions and who – in the eyes of the court – are no longer fit to be mothers.

    There are many mothers who have posted here regarding their mental state saying they are afraid to be left alone with their kids… let alone themselves. Meanwhile doctors are switching them back and forth on synthetic hormones like it is candy – while prescribing SSRI’s and anti-psychotics.

    Did you see the Good Morning America program about prescribing new mothers Xanax to help them be ‘better mommies’? What it is actually going to do is make them better ‘addicts.’

    Her is another article worth reading this from a perspective in the UK. Are US Women So Crazy they are Prescribed Psych Meds?

    This issue runs deep.


  18. Tammy Risaliti says:

    It is horrifying how good mothers are losing custody to abusive fathers. But I’m not surprised. Guess who donates $$$ to the judicial campaigns? My children’s father lost custody at one point for abuse, had to attend anger management and then after all that he was STILL awarded time sharing. The abuse did not stop however and I was able to get a protective order against him. During that time I moved to take care of my terminally ill mother who has recently passed away. The step mother positioned herself as a Gardian Ad Litem in the same court as a judge who appears to have a hatred for women, and threatened to take my children so she could do what she wanted with them. Well, she made good with the threats. Two sheriff’s showed up at my sick mothers home and took my children by force. It’s been two years and I have not been allowed any contact whatsoever.

  19. Thank you for posting Tammy. Yes, this is horrific.


  20. Robin Karr says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my arrest story Leslie! What was ‘done’ to me has been going on for more than two decades nationwide. It’s too late for me and my children since they were taken 15 years ago. They were only 1 and 2 when they were taken from me, so they have no memory of me as their mother. I don’t know my own children. I remain completely devastated…

    Even though there was no social media or personal computers back when this happened to me, I quickly figured out what was going on. However, I was helpless to stop it. It’s much bigger than any mother or her child. I went undercover as a father seeking custody and joined Texas Father’s for Equal Rights and discovered that government funds (especially access/visitation grants) are being ‘laundered’ through the family court system. The family court system has little, if anything, to do with ‘family’ or even ‘court’. Rather, it’s a highly organized criminal enterprise. The father’s rights groups are really not about father’s ‘rights’ or even fathers for that matter. Fathers and their rights are merely being used/exploited to obtain billions in government grants. All the family court system ‘players’ are profiting; including judges, lawyers, court-appointed mediators, social workers, psychologists, etc. The corruption goes all the way to the highest levels in Washington D.C.

    My heart is forever broken over the loss of my precious children. There is no greater pain or suffering than the loss of a child. Reading the comments here just break my heart all over again. There are so many courageous mothers who’ve been fighting the same fight as me for years. It’s past time for this very dirty secret to be exposed! It’s against all that’s good and holy to place innocent and helpless children in harm’s way and then prevent their own mothers from protecting and caring for them. This is evil in it’s worst form. I admire you for taking a stand and for being a voice for those who otherwise wouldn’t have one.

  21. Roxanna Steinbach says:

    My granddaughter is going through the same thing as these women. Why are we not doing something about it? There is power in numbers. The Court and the abusive parents that is getting custody have money and power on their side while the other parent has neither. It is time that we quit talking and do something about it.

  22. Agreed Roxanna – I will be interviewing Janie McQueen and Barry Goldstein – who is an attorney and advocate for women who find themselves in these situations on June 10 & 17, respectively. There will be a lot of information shared. I am hoping we will be able to mobilize after listening to both spoke on the issue.

    Thank you for commenting.
    These are serious issues.


  23. sherri o'neal says:

    This story is asinine and the judges who do such things are foolish. Can everyone who reads this please sign my petition? I am so sad without my precious Jordan, Jasper, and Tabi…my violent child abuser ex, Jamie Davis, Harrisonville, MO, won’t let me see them. It’s been THREE YEARS!!!!!! Here is the link

  24. Laurie Merrigan says:

    im going through the same thing. he tortured me for four years then took my son. filed a restraining order against me and Massachusetts doesn’t help with lawyers. DCF is treating me like im a criminal. im terrified of him and cant afford to fight him….and I haven’t seen my son in two month. He’s so cruel to me. I shake in court and choke. Judges don’t care and DCF answers to NO ONE. called me an addict. no proof no tests. never done a drug in my life. I actually loved the man. now I may never get my son back.

  25. If it happens to one woman – it is happening to all women. But the sad thing is – it IS happening to all women. So many have been abused and then turn around to be abused even more by the justice system.

    Stay strong – your love for your son will prevail. They eventually grow up and figure it out. Your day will come. Love is greater than injustice. Don’t let them break you down.


  26. je suis une femme comme toutes les femmes,je détestes la violence .je suis contre l’harcèlement des femmes de la part de leurs maris.

  27. I lost custody of my children due to an abuse of an ex parte order. The emergency? My child ran away from abuser dad’s house, and was claiming he was being abused. The GAL suppressed medical evidence and took the abuser’s side, stating I caused the children to run away (the abuse continues after I lost custody–in all my child attempted to run away 4 times and only quit bc he kept getting returned to abuser dad).
    The Judge told me that I needed to be monitored when I said my final good-byes. I was told that I cannot say “good-bye” and I must say “see you later”. I was told if I did not comply, the police would be called and they would take my child in a squad car. I was told crying is a sign that I am mentally ill, and a bad influence on the kids. When I stopped crying, I was told my problem is that I don’t show emotion.
    The Court gave full custody to a wanted fugitive with 12+ abuse allegations against him. Someone with a criminal and drug history. Someone with a history of addiction. Someone who physically assaulted me, causing me to flee the house for my safety–becoming homeless with 2 children (one was hurt in the attack). Both kids suffer from PTSD. Numerous allegations of abuse. There is no justice in family court.

  28. Kim Forster says:

    Something has to be done about this.

  29. MyDaughterWasTakenFromMeAndHerFamily says:

    These stories here are so much of a reality. I lost my child to a child molester. She is with him! I protected her, I did everything I could. I told on him!!!!! But, there are so many corrupt people in our system, they do not care. And corrupt bias judges and bias custody evaluators destroy good families, destroys mother child relationships. And gives the child to the abuser. Not only a child abuser, but a woman beater too. I know because I lived it. Our justice system is worthless!!

  30. MyDaughterWasTakenFromMeAndHerFamily says:

    Joanne, did you go public? That is my plan! I am going to exploit everyone who turned a blind eye. Ignored the facts, and just did not care. The email I can be contacted at is I am ready to take these ignorant, bias, un-caring, corrupt people down. DCF, CPT, the Sheriffs dept, the State attorneys office, the custody evaluator, the judge, etc. I have have sooooo much proof of their corruption. My daughter is suffering, she is not with me. She is with HIM. Once a child sexual abuser always one. He will not change, and she will not tell ever again. As a child she feels responsible for EVERYTHING that has happened, because she told. She wants her mommy back. So sad that a pervert puts so much on a child’s shoulders. She is a child!!!

  31. Amelia, if the guy is a wanted fugitive, then please turn him in to the cops unless there’s some really important reason not to. i hope you are not one of those who won’t call cops, because if ever there was a reason to do it, you have one don’t you? just a thought, of course i don’t know your case or what would happen to the kids if he went to jail. surely it wouldn’t be good on his record, and if he’s incarcerated, he cannot abuse nor have custody. turn him in, i would, i think.

  32. This is a nightmarishly terrible injustice. It is a shame that the article gives no clue about when this happened, or in what country.

  33. Hello, Michael. Will have to re-read but you may be right.
    The link at the bottom will take you to the source the article. Mom is in U.S. Believe this happened in the last 5 years.
    It is still happening today.

  34. Hi Michael, If you’re asking about my case (I’m the mother in the article who was arrested for crying), the court hearings, my arrest, etc. took place in Texas in 1998 and 1999. My children are still “missing”. It will be 16 years in November…

  35. Thank you for responding Robin. I did not realize this atrocity happened 16 years ago.
    I was in court last week for another custody case that a mother is fighting. It was an abomination.


  36. I went through this myself in 2008-2009…. having moved on, met someone new and gotten married, My abusive and violent ex, went for sole custody of our son. Social services in my area backed me and my new husband, found no fault at all- yet Social services in my ex’s area 9200miles away, since i’d fled via multiple women’s refuges!) decided that I was an unfit mother on the grounds that I had taken my child away from ”everyone who cared about him” (what about ME? I cared for him more than anybody else ever can!!)….. CAFCASS openly lied in court (and was eventually dismissed from the case)…. Soecial services in my ex’s area backed him on gronds that he had a bigger support network than me, since all my own ‘family’ took his side (so they could see my son more). Judge took my ex’s side right from day 1, 5minutes into the court room, and after 3years in total fighting this, I lost my son purely down to a loophole! Judge eventually accepted no wrong doing or risk on my part, but since he’d given my ex a ”temporary” residency order that had now gone on for almost 2years, it ”wasnt fair” to move my son back to my care!! UNITED KINGDOM ‘FAMILY’ COURTS DO NOT CARE ABOUT FAMILY AT ALL!!

  37. Thank you for sharing your story Zoe.
    These are such sad, sad stories.


  38. Thank you for sharing your story Siberia. I am so sorry you experienced this pain.


  39. Is it a wonder that many commit crimes of passion.

  40. While I do agree with you, it seems as though all the years that men were not even given a chance is now coming back. Those that Cried abuse when they were not, those who made false accusations, all those women who made men the spawn of the devil himself are still on the minds of those judges.
    You have to remember that. I am not saying give a child to an abusive parent but i am not saying give it to the crying parent either. Give the CHILD a court appointed lawyer and let things progress from there. For too long women have not only won custody too easily it was basically not and even paying field but it was rigged for men to fail.
    I know of 2 such men this happend to in the past. I also know of one woman who is paying the price of this now with an abusive ex and a sickly child he told the judge outright he did not feel his child needed medication everyday and gave her nuts she was allergic to both of which can kill her and have caused her to be rushed to the ICU unit for. Still the mother is fighting for custody of this child.
    Women took so much advantage that is is unfortunately coming back not on them but their children who are the innocent ones here. Hopefully soon it will not be up to the parents but the professionals to make the decisions where the child / children go so there is no more using of children emotionally/physically or psychologically and facts are in evidence either way once and for all not mud slinging and lies.


    The charged persons who need to be arrested and jailed are:
    Christopher Gossage and Tony English of Russell’s Media Law Firm
    Derek Rosenblatt of Ronald Fletcher and Co
    Richard Hannah
    Dame Helen Alexander
    Jim Manson, Scottish TV
    Jeffery Bindman of Bindman and Partners
    Tamsin Allen

  42. Donna Mostyn says:

    This is happening all over the world. I left a abusive relationship. The police removed him from our home. He put 8 stitches in my son’s forhead. He was given a two year suspended sentence. When appearing in Family Court of Australia two years later they awarded him full custody and no contact at all to my 14 year old son. No one including his brother has seen my son since. It has been 3 years now. My son is 18 in Sept 2016 so finally all these years of pain are coming to a end. I have suffered a heart attack due to what they have done to me. I have complained to about everyone I could no one helps.

  43. audrey kimner says:

    I’ve experienced this going on six years now. My ex was an executive and everybody ‘bought’ his status. He is nothing but a self admitted drug addict, DV offender, alcoholic, multiple arrest and proven spyware user and abusive man. He uses the court for revenge and a bad purpose. Now that all finally see the real him, they had to cover their bad decisions and when I was talking publicly, they took my kids away when I was detained on a flight due to a man having a heart attack. Custody was not on the docket. I had NATIONAL attorneys that covered for the opposing political attorney that wiretapped and retrieved my privilege emails.
    Law enforcement in Charleston SC allowed my ex to walk from any criminal charges with proof in hand.
    My own forensic person shared my entire file after he told me the truth. He has left the family law system.
    I will not remain silent and let this injustice continue, and watching children’s lives destroyed. My children recite laws now due to my ex using them and using them to set me up on false allegations. His day is coming and hopefully for all that allowed us to suffer for no reason. Keep sharing so we can put a stop to this abuse during and years after divorce!

  44. audrey kimner says:

    My ex was an executive for Duke Energy.
    Typo – sorry

  45. Reality. Men go through this all the time. The system is corrupt. Until such time that enough women get victimized by it the court system will be a game. The Family Court Cartel will continue to ruin fathers and mothers and most of all the children they are supposede to protect.

  46. Freed 1976 says:

    The only solution is to make the courts public, video, transcripts, everything.

  47. Thank you Audrey. This post was from many years ago – and is still circulating. This is a very big issue for so many women. And continues to be. Thank you for sharing your story. Our hearts and prayers are with you.



  48. umm she tried to move the kids from texas to kentucky, a man would be charged with kidnapping…she was arrested for refusing to leave the court room….she also prayed for the fathers death and said his parents are demons…she’s been arrested for drugs as well

  49. Hmmmm sounds exactly like what men have to deal with all the time.. But let’s forget about all that tho… They’re just men… And father’s… Let’s hear some more sob stories and victim hoods from the women folks.. Yes? You know what?! .. Stories (and comments) like this, I am beginning to care less and less about women and their bull crap… And that’s not cool at all… because I am bound to get it wrong once and a while…

  50. My daughter and I have been punished by this system, albeit almost 30 years ago.

    However, I would love to know the WHOLE story. How this came to be. More about Robin. I am sure it is as bad as it seems, of course, but I want the background.

  51. Hello, Bonnie – I will share your email with Robin and ask her to contact you.
    Here is the link to her book on Amazon –



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