Mhlatane schoolgirl aborts, dumps foetus in dustbin

Swazi Observer

By Timothy Simelane

July 30, 2009

A form IV student at Mhlatane High School has been admitted to the Pigg’s Peak Hospital after she aborted a pregnancy and dumped the foetus in a rubbish bin.

The foetus was found by a woman who was foraging for dog food, which is normally discarded from the school’s hostels.

She alerted the schools authorities, who hastily called the police to the scene.
The school Principal, Simon Makhubu, says the police suggested that nurses be called to find the mother of the baby amongst the school girls.
“The nurses advised that all the girls be assessed and that the culprit would be identified amongst those who are on menstruation period.”

A parent told us that her daughter reported home that a female teacher had inserted her finger into her vagina to test if she was not the culprit.
“My daughter informed me that the female teacher wore a glove and inserted her finger into many girls’ vaginas. This is disgusting because the teacher could have easily infected my daughter with a disease,” he said angrily.
However, Makhubu says such claims are further from the truth.

“The manner in which the girls were checked was merely based on the advice we got from the nurses. The teachers just checked amongst those who were on menstruation period,” he said.

Makhubu said no girl had been suspected to be pregnant the school, implying that the pregnancy could have been less that five months.

He said the incident had tarnished the good name of the school.

Comment from Leslie

Once again, the blame is on women – not the man who had sex with the young girl. How shameful for all the young women to be treated as such. And yes, if gloves were not changed between checkings, an infection could easily have been transmitted – say like HPV?


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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