Women Suffer Shocking Abuse from Elite Male Students

Leslie Carol Botha: This is a very disturbing article with vile implications.  Please read and share.  The article article also discusses the rise in Internet groups that Internet Rapeare openly discussing raping women. What is happening? It seems that the more powerful women become – the more powerful the backlash. And it is happening on all fronts.

Meredith is taking a stand and I will rally behind her:

This experience won’t put me off debating. If anything it has made me more determined to hold a mirror up to those who degrade women.

So let’s have a debate about sexism, not just in debating, but in society – preferably without prioritising the size of someone’s breasts over their ideas.

All those in favour say ‘aye’.


Men talk openly of my ‘rape potential’… why are they so vile to clever women like me?
Cambridge undergraduate tells of shocking abuse by male students at elite university

  • Rebecca Meredith heckled during debate at Glasgow University Union
  • She was subjected to cries of ‘what does a woman know anyway’
  • The undergraduate says this behaviour is typical of today’s educated elite

Mail Online
By Rebecca Meredith
PUBLISHED: 17:03 EST, 9 March 2013 | UPDATED: 07:40 EST, 10 March 2013

Rebecca Meredith3.jpgAs an experienced speaker on the international debating circuit, I have fended off countless heckles from both men and women.

But I have never experienced anything like the misogynistic insults hurled at me by a group of male students during the finals of the Glasgow University Union (GUU) Ancients Debate last week.

I was booed and subjected to cries of ‘shame woman’ from the moment I stood up to discuss the motion, ‘This house regrets the centralisation of religion’, with my debate partner, Marlena Valles. After the debate, we confronted both the individuals involved.
When Marlena approached one of the young men, he shouted: ‘Get that woman out of my union.’

Female audience members who came to our defence were shouted down with more demeaning abuse and the retort: ‘What does a woman know anyway.’ One was even called a ‘frigid bitch’.

We later discovered the gang had openly discussed our appearance and made lewd sexual comments about the size of our breasts and body shapes.

Sadly, this behaviour is not limited to one ugly debate with a renegade group of boorish students.

Indeed, what I have discovered is that this influence has spread across a generation of men – though, of course, not all of them.

Reaction to the incident from the wider world also indicates this is not an isolated incident and that this sort of behaviour is occurring regularly in a much wider arena.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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