Femcare Industry Sells Toxic Products for Your Hygiene Needs

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Holy Hormones Journal: Here is another great product developed for women to be light and carefree – wearing white swimsuits, playing tennis – riding a white horse into the sunset or jumping into the surf in her white bikini – thanks to the manufacturers who have made our lives so fresh, clean and easy.  And Continue Reading …

The ‘Pill’ and Stroke – One Woman’s Story

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Holy Hormones Journal: This woman’s story was part of the Weekend Links sent by the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research. How many other women have experienced a similar adverse event to the birth control pill? Remember we are the medical experiments. And the birth control pill has been called in largest uncontrolled experiment in medical Continue Reading …

Experimental ‘Pill’ for Males on Distant Horizon

pill for men

Holy Hormones Journal: Funny – the ‘experimental pill for women was rushed through the FDA and onto the market even though women in Puerto Rico who were the first medical experiments – said ‘no way’ – and even though there was a Senate testimony meeting in 1970 where a medical expert stated: “Estrogen is to Continue Reading …

A New Medical Experiment: The Pink Breast Cancer Vaccine

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Holy Hormones Journal: Ya know it is hard to muster up and comment on all of these articles on women’s health and the products marketed to us.  But then I read an article like this and the snark just rises to the surface. This time not only the article about an new cancer vaccine is Continue Reading …

Hughes Syndrome: Linking Miscarriages to Vaccines

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Holy Hormones Journal: For those of you who are new to the conversation of potential life-altering adverse reactions and deaths from vaccinations, linking miscarriages to vaccine injury may be frightening.  However, there is so much research and documentation that certain vaccines increase the miscarriage rate. Right now 20 percent of all pregnancies in the United Continue Reading …

Happy Hormone Holiday to All You Older Ladies

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Holy Hormones Journal: I have so many blogs to post  and so many are way too serious to send out over this holiday weekend. Even Hormone Goddesses need to lighten up. And then a friend sent me this video – and I thought perfect. Now we can all lighten up. Happy Hormone Holiday to all Continue Reading …

The Best Fem Care Ad Ever from ‘Hello Flo’

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Holy Hormones Journal: Gotta love women’s humor. This short video addresses so many issues that young girl’s face as they reach menarche. Congratulations to ‘Hello Flo’ for another impeccable and endearing video. And remember periods do not have glitter! Secondly – never fool your Mama.        

When Postpartum Depression Turns Into Maternal Mental Illness


Holy Hormones Journal: Postpartum Depression is now being called Postpartum Psychosis. This is a scary turn in terminology and may lead to mother’s to getting a mental illness diagnosis and being place on psychotropic drugs. In fact, last year Good Morning America did a segment on putting new mommies on Xanax so they would be Continue Reading …

Are Teen Girls with Lab-Grown Vaginas Sacrificial Lambs?

Vaginal Implants feature

Holy Hormones Journal: Just what I feared- a surgery/implantation for a specific syndrome now marketed to a wider demographic near you.  Although teen girls had a genetic condition, the implantation process is now being considered with women with vaginal cancer and other ‘injuries’. Is it possible that our vaginas are going to be lumped into Continue Reading …

Menstrual Products: Safe or Profitable?

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Holy Hormones Journal: What is in those sanitary napkins or those tampons that we place outside or inside our vaginas once a month. Do we even think about it? I was just made aware by a colleague from Australia – that industrial glue is what holds all those synthetic layers together so that the pad Continue Reading …