Hormone Health Breakthrough for an Incredible You


“I got my brain back. When I started taking EMPowerplus Q96, I would stay sharp the whole time and it was amazing. I loved how I felt. I stay present and focused.” ~ Testimonial   Holy Hormones Journal: I have been working with, educating and counseling women about their hormone related anxiety, depressions, PMS, PMDD, Continue Reading …

Is Your Menstrual Discomfort Due to Your Femcare Product?

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Do you want to ease the cramping, bloating and other menstrual discomfort you experience during your menstrual cycle? Have you ever thought that these symptoms plus your periodic fatigue many be due to your tampon or sanitary napkin? Some traditional padding in some sanitary napkins is made from paper pulp which is the product of Continue Reading …

GSK: Evil Gods, Saints and Kings over the Innocent of a Lesser God

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Holy Hormones Journal: Does anyone remember the cartoon character Piggy Hamhock of Merry Melodies? What does this have to do with a blog post, you wonder? I remember still to this day a 1937 cartoon episode called “Pigs is Pigs” with poor innocent Piggy who was hungry all of the time shackled to a chair while Continue Reading …

What’s Your NuvaRing Worth – $100 Million in Settlements?

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Holy Hormones Journal:  Merck, hmm… now where have I heard that name before. Oh, yeah the infamous pharmaceutical company that manufactures birth control methods that do not protect against STD’s; markets them to teens and young adult women – and then who stands on the other side of the fence holding their HPV vaccine needle, Continue Reading …

The Period Poem: An Anatomy Lesson in Female Politics

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Holy Hormones Journal: Dominique Christina says it all.

PCOS Becoming Global Epidemic Due to Endocrine Disruptors Like Gardasil & Synthetic Hormones

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Holy Hormones Journal: Dr. Jani made this very interesting comment: “Not a single day goes without me  meeting at least one teen complaining of irregular periods, excessive hair growth, acne, male pattern baldness, decreased menses or excessive flow.” The first thought that immediately comes to my mind is – how do you spell G-a-r-d-a-si-l? I Continue Reading …

Celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28

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It’s hard to believe that globally, 4 out of 10 people lack access to something as basic as a clean toilet. It’s hard to believe that diarrhoea caused by dirty water, poor sanitation and bad hygiene kills more children than malaria, measles and HIV/AIDS combined. Holy Hormones Journal: At the 2013 conference in New York Continue Reading …

Scientists Create Viable Vaginas from Women’s Cells

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Holy Hormones Journal: Scientific break though for creating vaginas as replacement organs for women who need reconstructive surgeries.  Pregnant pause…. very pregnant pause… still pausing. While this ‘reconstructive’ surgery may restore a normal sex life, menstruation and perhaps the ability to achieve pregnancy for women born with deformed vaginas, I am concerned that this type Continue Reading …

Diet and Pregnancy -Silencing the Lambs

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Holy Hormones Journal:  A unique experiment in nature? Revealing that a mother’s diet before she conceives will influence the health of her unborn child? This is women’s wisdom. I can hear my grandmother rolling in her grave.  Of course, the quality of a woman’s nutritional reserves is going to affect the long-term health of their Continue Reading …

Mythri: Educating Girls in India about Menstrual Hygiene, Taboos, and Wisdom


Holy Hormones Journal:  Am delighted to find this site and the work of a group of women in India educating young girls about menstrual hygiene. Mythri means ‘friend’ (female) in Sanskrit.  I think/feel it is a powerful word – imparting wisdom for women in India. The Mythri project began in 2010 – with the intention Continue Reading …