Documentary “India’s Daughter” Depicts Brutal Attitudes Toward Women

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Holy Hormones Journal: Have you heard of the documentary “India’s Daughter” I heard of it a week or so ago, but time to did allow me to catch up with the documentary until I heard a report on CNN this morning discussing the controversial film that is rocking the social media world – and dividing Continue Reading …

MO Lawmaker: Women Must Ask Permission or Have a ‘Legitimate’ Rape for Abortion

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Holy Hormones Journal:  Ask permission to get an abortion? Have a ‘legitimate’ rape to be able to access an abortion? What is this dude thinking? If this is not the furthest backlash to feminism and women’s rights – I do not know what is. The bill is despicable and is so anti-woman – this man Continue Reading …

Are Indian Women Entitled to Respect & Dignity or are they Baby Machines Controlled by the State?

The Hindu baby machines feature

Holy Hormones Journal: This is a horrible story coming out of India. Although I am sure some women are glad to be rid of the burden of carrying and caring for multiple babies. Think this can’t be done in the United States? Think again. It is already being carried out through various forms of birth Continue Reading …

Retribution after Sexual Assault: “Be careful what you ask for…”

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Holy Hormones Journal:  Years ago I presented at a conference in Oklahoma and I had the opportunity to meet a most fascinating woman with a strong message for me – and now I am sharing with you. My new colleague and I were discussing sexual assaults and I happened to tell her the retribution I Continue Reading …

Has the Abortion Lobby Nudged America Past Row V. Wade?

Roe V. Wade

What, exactly, was Wendy protesting against? The Texas legislature was following the recommendations in the Gossnell Grand Jury Report to prevent any further deaths, maimings, and infections from unsafe, unregulated clinics. SB 5 was in complete alignment with Roe v. Wade. What Wendy Davis and the abortion lobby are demanding actually goes against the concerns and constraints expressed by the Supreme Court.

Abortion Barbie is a Profitable Image for Wendy Davis

Abortion Barbie Poster

When California street artist ‘Sabo’, funded by Kathryn Stuard, a Midland Texas resident, produced the ‘Abortion Barbie” poster last May, Wendy and her Parenthood rainmakers howled with indignation. Sabo had plastered the streets of LA with Abortion Barbie posters in reaction to Wendy’s regular visits to hit-up liberal Hollywood A-listers for more campaign cash to fund Continue Reading …

Why Did Wendy Davis Oppose Health and Safety Regulations for Texas Abortion Clinics?

Amy Hagstrom Miller, founder and CEO of Whole Woman's Health Courtesy of Whole Woman's Health

Why Did Wendy Davis Oppose Health and Safety Regulations for Texas Abortion Clinics? When you hear a name like “Whole Women’s Health Clinic” or “The Women’s Medical Society” you make certain suppositions. At least I always did. Most women assume that a specific women’s health center is somehow integrated into the local network of hospitals Continue Reading …

A Tale of Two Representatives — Wendy Davis

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As a Democratic woman running for public office, the difference between, coronation and evisceration is not based on your willingness to stand up against an over overwhelmingly republican legislature; but whether you are willing to break ranks with Planned Parenthood and NOW.

A Tale of Two Representatives — Wendy Davis and Margo Davison


How one woman’s needless, and cruel death at the hands of Dr. Gosnell in 2002, is shaping a 2014 state’s election in Pennsylvania and exposing the darker side of Planned Parenthood, and how that might influence the Governor’s race in Texas. This is a tale of special interests and financial support: money given and money and support withheld.

Wendy and Me…

Wendy Davis

Who is Wendy Davis? As I’m one of those average Texans she aims to lead, I decided that I needed to know more about Wendy. What motivated her to run for Governor, what experience would she bring to the office, and what else did she stand for — surely there was more to Wendy Davis then an attractive, well spoken woman, who opposes legislation that would regulate health and safety in Texas abortion clinics.