BCP – Symbol of Independence or Control?

Annette on the Pill feature

Holy Hormones Journal: Time to re-post my favorite Germaine Greer quote: “A woman’s body is the battlefield where she fights for liberation. It is through her body that oppression works, reifying her, sexualizing her, victimizing her, disabling her.”The Whole Woman, 1999 Ever wonder why you feel in the dark?  That is because women’s history -THE Continue Reading …

American Child Bride Escapes from Bondage

Naila Amin at her wedding in Pakistan on January 5, 2005. (Courtesy of Naila Amin)

Holy Hormones Honey:  I think we need to start asking ourselves – what it means to be a woman. The answer will probably be uncomfortable, painful, shameful and humiliating for some… but until we ask the question we can never break this vicious cycle of abuse. In India, China and many other parts of the Continue Reading …

Reproductive Sovereignty – is it too late?

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Holy Hormones Journal: Well, it has been another week in the assault on women’s bodies. CNN reported on a story that was circulating last year about the birth control method, NuvaRing. I also wrote about this insidious form of birth control on my blog – noting that the manufacturer, paying out over $100 million in Continue Reading …

A Dangerous Precedent: Woman Jailed for Aborting Fetus

Purvi Patel feature

Holy Hormones Journal: Gendercide, eldercide, infanticide, but not feticide? Women can be raped, beaten, discriminated against, have their babies killed because they are female…. but God forbid we take matters into our own hands and self-abort and then sentenced to jail for child neglect. It is ok to neglect a child once it is born Continue Reading …

Passion and Power: History of Vibrators and Female Orgasm

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Holy Hormones Journal: Did you know that at one time vibrators were as big as a dining room table? This is a fascinating documentary that details the history of female orgasm and  vibrators. The narrator states that in medieval times, before the invention of hysteria, the uterus was adored – not neglected because it was Continue Reading …

Documentary “India’s Daughter” Depicts Brutal Attitudes Toward Women

Indias-Daughter-leslee-ud-008 feature

Holy Hormones Journal: Have you heard of the documentary “India’s Daughter” I heard of it a week or so ago, but time to did allow me to catch up with the documentary until I heard a report on CNN this morning discussing the controversial film that is rocking the social media world – and dividing Continue Reading …

MO Lawmaker: Women Must Ask Permission or Have a ‘Legitimate’ Rape for Abortion

abortion protest

Holy Hormones Journal:  Ask permission to get an abortion? Have a ‘legitimate’ rape to be able to access an abortion? What is this dude thinking? If this is not the furthest backlash to feminism and women’s rights – I do not know what is. The bill is despicable and is so anti-woman – this man Continue Reading …

Are Indian Women Entitled to Respect & Dignity or are they Baby Machines Controlled by the State?

The Hindu baby machines feature

Holy Hormones Journal: This is a horrible story coming out of India. Although I am sure some women are glad to be rid of the burden of carrying and caring for multiple babies. Think this can’t be done in the United States? Think again. It is already being carried out through various forms of birth Continue Reading …

Retribution after Sexual Assault: “Be careful what you ask for…”

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Holy Hormones Journal:  Years ago I presented at a conference in Oklahoma and I had the opportunity to meet a most fascinating woman with a strong message for me – and now I am sharing with you. My new colleague and I were discussing sexual assaults and I happened to tell her the retribution I Continue Reading …

Has the Abortion Lobby Nudged America Past Row V. Wade?

Roe V. Wade

What, exactly, was Wendy protesting against? The Texas legislature was following the recommendations in the Gossnell Grand Jury Report to prevent any further deaths, maimings, and infections from unsafe, unregulated clinics. SB 5 was in complete alignment with Roe v. Wade. What Wendy Davis and the abortion lobby are demanding actually goes against the concerns and constraints expressed by the Supreme Court.