The Reincarnation of the Inconvenient Woman

mantel of matriarch

Over the next few months this Inconvenient Women will be sharing my research and conclusions about the real war on women and the perversion of good intentions. Hopefully we can develop an honest and open dialog about our options for building a better world, in which our children and grandchildren to strive and thrive.

Women are in a Battle for The Equal Net Access

Battle For The Net

Sept. 10th is the Internet Slowdown Cable companies want to slow down (and break!) your favorite sites, for profit. To fight back, let’s cover the web with symbolic “loading” icons, to remind everyone what an Internet without net neutrality would look like, and drive record numbers of emails and calls to lawmakers. 
Are you in? Continue Reading …

40% of Women in Prison Suffer from Violence-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury


Holy Hormones Journal: Violence induced brain injury from abuse? And women spend their lives – days, weeks, month or years in prison? Abused, traumatized – incarcerated and abused and traumatized again? These are women of all backgrounds – since abuse and violence against women knows no educational, or economic status. Just like addictions, abuse does Continue Reading …

FGM -Maiming and Destroying Innocent Girls feature

Holy Hormones Honey! The mutilation of innocent girls needs to stop. This trauma stays with them for life. FGM is an archaic procedure that needs to be banned globally. Religious – I think not. The basis is misogyny – and the genital power that women own. Circumcision is the next to go. This breaks my Continue Reading …

Sad Irish History: Unwed Mothers ‘Subhuman’- used in Vaccine Trials


Holy Hormones Honey:  How many women have we shamed for being unwed and pregnant? How many do we still shame today. This is a sad article on how HIS-tory has rendered women subhuman; subjected to slave labor. How many of these women were raped and assaulted. Remembering women’s history is the only way to prevent Continue Reading …

Stolen Girls – Stolen Lives

bring back our girls feature

Holy Hormones Journal:  How is it that almost 300 girls can be abducted from school and not found? It is over 3 weeks – and yet no progress? What happened to these girls? Yet how common is this issue? Maybe not 300 girls abducted at one time (this is as unrealistic as the Malaysian jetliner Continue Reading …

Genocide in Australia: Stealing Infants & Children from Aboriginal Mothers

Picture credit: Oxfam Australia

Holy Hormones Journal: Stealing children for child labor to wean out a culture is genocide. These stories just break my heart. The pain and anguish that parents – especially the mothers who bore these children must be unbearable.  Kidnapping and stealing children demoralizes, individuals, families and communities. And the Aboriginals were known as Australia’s ‘First Continue Reading …

Symphysiotomy Victims bring Search for Justice to UN Committee Against Torture


Holy Hormones Journal: How is it that women have to stand before a UN Committee against torture to demand justice for crimes committed against their bodies?  These women who are now elderly, our revered fore-mothers who underwent brutal and inhumane procedures called symphysiotomies during pregnancy (many of them in their 20′s experiencing and during their Continue Reading …

Health Care Providers Need to Address Reproductive Coercion

reproductive coercion

Holy Hormones Journal: Reproductive and contraceptive coercion is alive and well. So much so that a study points out the need for health care providers to address the issue with their patients.  I became aware of this issue many years ago in my studies when I found out that a woman was abused; kicked, beaten, Continue Reading …

Pregnant Sudanese Teen Gang-Raped & Jailed/Fined for Indeceny

sudanese women

Pregnant teenager receives jail term after being gang-raped A PREGNANT SUDANESE teenager has been handed a one-month jail term for “indecent activity” after being gang-raped, according to her lawyer. “But the sentence was suspended because she is pregnant,” Samia Hashmi told AFP. The woman was also fined 5,000 pounds (€640). A man whose video of Continue Reading …