Aging Sperm Affects Mental Health of Offspring

Holy Hormones Journal: Years ago, all of the blame was placed on the mother for having a child with physical or mental/emotional defects. But then again, many moons before that it was thought that the full moon impregnated women. sad-sperm
Oh, those were the days! Acknowledging that the quality of male sperm affects the health of the offspring is a giant step for womankind.

Seriously, though. Men make sperm throughout their lives. So if the quality of the sperm is compromised due to the 214 human neurotoxicants identified and widely used and disseminated extensively in the global environment – our offspring will not have a chance. Pretty soon, the age of either parent is going to be a non-issue.

I just posted an article about mitochondria damage in women causing reproductive technology with the provocative notion of genetically modified babies.

These are serious times folks. Our fertility is as stake. And the physical mental/emotional health of our children are at stake.

Mental Illness Risk Higher for Children of Older Fathers, Study Finds

The New York Times
February 26, 2014

Children born to middle-aged men are more likely than those born to younger fathers to develop any of a range of mental difficulties, including attention deficits, bipolar disorder, autism and schizophrenia, according to the most comprehensive study to date of paternal age and offspring mental health.

In recent years, scientists have debated based on mixed evidence whether a father’s age is linked to his child’s vulnerability to individual disorders like autism and schizophrenia. Some studies have found strong associations, while others have found weak associations or none at all.

The new report, which looked at many mental disorders in Sweden, should inflame the debate, if not settle it, experts said. Men have a biological clock of sorts because of random mutations in sperm over time, the report suggests, and the risks associated with later fatherhood may be higher than previously thought. The findings were published on Wednesday in the journal JAMA Psychiatry.

“This is the best paper I’ve seen on this topic, and it suggests several lines of inquiry into mental illness,” said Dr. Patrick F. Sullivan, a professor of genetics at the University of North Carolina, who was not involved in the research. “But the last thing people should do is read this and say, ‘Oh no, I had a kid at 43, the kid’s doomed.’ The vast majority of kids born to older dads will be just fine.”

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