Having a Daughter Makes Men See Women as Humans with Intelligence and Worth

Holy Hormones Honey! Serious? Obviously the media’s portrayal of women has a very strong impact on how women are perceived.

Nerd Dads Discover Women are People After Having Baby Girls

July 2012
by Erin Gloria Ryan

Almost 100 years after being granted the right to vote and several decades after the Women’s Movement, it seems there are still many, many men — especially in the sweaty boys’ locker room of internet nerdery — who don’t quite grasp the fact that women, like them, are actual human people with intelligence and worth. But maybe the key to the winning battle against internet misogyny that the forces of Gloria Steinem, the Spice Girls, and Beyonce couldn’t win lies in the tiny hands of baby girls, and their fathers’ subsequent attitude adjustment toward women.

Male nerd culture has a problem with women. From Reddit’s creepshots and MensRights subpages to male gamers who were excited to see Tomb Raider heroine Lara Croft get almost raped in the game’s impending reboot to a low-on-the-totem-poll tech blogger attacking prominent female gamer Felicia Day and accusing her of being nothing more than a glorified “booth babe,” even though her gaming credentials surpass those of most men, male nerdery breeds an especially hateful type of anti-woman sentiment. But what’s the solution?

Earlier this week, one Reddit user asked other forum participants if having a daughter changed their attitudes toward women, and most male respondents with daughters replied that yes, having girls made them see ladytypes differently. Like actual humans! Humans just like men! Imagine that! One father remarked that he no longer lusts after barely legal women, because they look like girls to him. Another said that he doesn’t think it’s funny to watch strippers almost get hit by cars as they try to cross the highway on their way to work anymore. Women are people!

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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