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Written by Dr. Ramsey on April 29, 2009 – 11:52am

Fertility challenges affect one in eight couples. The diagnosed challenges are divided into thirds: 1/3 due to female partner, 1/3 due to the male partner, and 1/3 due to a combination or is unexplained. The diagnosis of infertility is based on one year of unprotected sex without conception.

The good news is that there is so much a couple can do to enhance fertility naturally. The greatest success we have had with assisting couples to become pregnant revolves around enhancing liver detoxification. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is considered the gland of hormone harmonization (among other things). The mere fact that we live in an ever accumulating toxic world is at the core of infertility. In many cases, having the couple perform a detoxification protocol and maintaining a healthy lifestyle following is enough. The maintenance is simply healthy nutrition with enhanced detoxification using one drink of Complete Detoxification daily with added glutathione from a supplement called Recancostat. We have actually seen Recancostat enhance the volume of sperm in men. There are other glutathione formulations available, yet this one has been the most successful in our practice. Prenatal vitamins for women are essential and our Prenatal Forte contains extra liver support. The active ingrerdient in vitamin E is tocopherol, which literally translates to “fertility” in latin. The last basic nutritional enhancement supplement we suggest is an essential fatty acid formula completely free of mercury with high absorption, cold pressed and free of chemical stabilizers and additives.

The other aspect of fertility that cannot go without exploration is the symbology of the pelvic cavity, which has been named “the flow chakra”. Literally, we see blood flow from this body part during menstruation, as well as the flow of urine in both men and women. When infertility has become a couple’s diagnosis, fear sets in, which disrupts the natural flow of life. This is well understood, but must be nurtured in a way to enhance the journey as well as the outcome. Reorienting our thinking to hope and faith as well as deepening our connection as women to our “second heart” is essential. It is typical to build resistance and fear to unwanted physical experiences. It is crucial to recognize this and work with professionals to help release the resistance and connect more tenderly to this body part.

There is an amazing new fertility enhancement tool that I’ve recently become familiar with as it is also new to the market with promising statistics. Not only does it enhance fertility by 24%, it is non-invasive, less expensive and designed for a couple to use together which deepens the bond of creating together.

The U.S. Food and Drug and Administration (FDA) has accepted the Conceivex Conception Kit, the first and only comprehensive fertility enhancement system designed for couples to use on their own time and in the privacy of their own home. The Conception Kit is a safe, effective, easy-to-use and affordable method to help women and couples become pregnant in the privacy of their own homes. The Conception Kit helps infertility issues such as low sperm motility, low sperm count, tilted cervix, timing of ovulation, hostile vaginal environment, and structural deformities of the penis or position during intercourse. It is an excellent tool for lesbian or single women conceiving through non-traditional ways. The key to the Conception Kit is the Conception Cap, an innovative product that is designed to move the sperm closer to the egg by placing the semen/sperm at the opening of the cervix. The Cap is a small silicone device shaped like a thimble that is filled with semen and inserted on the cervix for four to six hours, giving the sperm an enhanced opportunity to pass into the uterus and fertilize the egg. The Conception Kit contains everything a couple needs to greatly increase chances of becoming pregnant over a three month period.

Comment from Leslie

Not many people are aware that when the body can no longer support its own health – it will shut down its reproductive capabilities.  In this day and age when women and men carry heavy toxic loads in the bodies, it is only natural to assume that a detoxification needs to take place before fertility becomes intact.  I like Dr. Ramsey’s thoughts on a liver detox program – I am sure that there is no risk of multiple births with this procedure!

Seriously, passing toxins onto our children only endangers their health and well being and increases a family’s medical costs for caring for the infant.  We are still trying to resist the amount of toxins that infants receive withing two months after birth with childhood vaccinations.  They are exposed to a multitude of heavy metals and other poisons that damages their fragile systems right from the get go.


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.