Tonight on Holy Hormones Honey! KalaRythms – The Cycles of Time

September 12, 2011
Fort Collins, CO


Tonight on Holy Hormones Honey! KalaRythms – The Cycles of Time – Leslie Carol Botha interviews colleague and fellow member of the Cycles Research Institute, David Katzmire – on the Map of Time. Katzmire believes these maps are our navigational guide not only through the lessons of history but or map for the future.

Just as you can find a chart of coming ocean tides that move in Rhythm and a calendar for phases of the moon that moves in Rhythm, you can perceive the timelines for global intellectual, emotional and physical crisis because the cycles move in Rhythms as regular as the ocean and the moon.

Seasons of change are moving dramatically now and everything around us is changing with them. Periods of crisis and chaos also come as regular parts of the Cycles, but order and chaos are not mutually exclusive, they are parts of the same system. Fascinating topic and fascinating researcher….

Hear  how the nature and relevance of the study of cycles can help you understand your place in the community –your country and the global community.

Cycles Within Us and Around Us

As women understand the hormonal cycles within the body, as athletes learn that training within the works best when it follows our natural highs and lows, and college professors discover that any student may test better on some days than on others, we observe a pattern.   Combined research from 19th and 20th century scholars led to the discovery of biorhythms, the naturally occurring cycles within us all.  These move with consistent rhythms from the day we are born.  That is, we have a Physical Cycle, an Emotional Cycle, and an Intellectual Cycle that move rhythmically within to give us highs and lows of energy in our mind, heart and body.  This was an amazing discovery and now know that durations of these cycles.  We have a 23 day Physical cycle, a 28-day Emotional Cycle, and a 33-day Intellectual cycle.  Since we know that, we can calculate how many days we have been alive on any given day and know that position of all three of our cycles.

The highs and lows in our body, heart and mind, move like seasons of the year.  The seasons within us move in smaller periods of time than the world around us because greater entities are slower to change. But the patterns are the same.

Crossover days occur when a passes through the middle of the cycle, which can give us a bad day.  This  occurs when the crosses up out of a low, or down out of a high, and passes through the midpoint of crisis.  In the nature of cycle harmonics, this is when equilibrium is neither high nor low, it is in transition.  This can lead to mishap.  In nature, when the direct vertical rays of the sun pass through the equator on the Spring and Vernal equinoxes, we have tropical storms all over the world.  When our biorhythms periodically pass the midpoint, it can effect our behavior.  One a day when the physical cycle crosses over, we can be all thumbs, when our emotional cycle crosses over, we can become irritable or upset, and when the intellectual cycle crosses over, we can have a crisis in decision.

So if it is the nature of things to move in cycles, and there are cycles within us and without us.  How can understanding ourselves further our understanding of the world around us?  We can do that by understanding the fractal nature of cycles.  A fractal is any pattern that repeats itself on larger and smaller scales.  Abstract examples of this would be a large square that is made up of little squares within it, or a lot of little circles that are arranged in a larger circle.  Nature repeats itself on larger and small scales of size and time.  We observe this as the moon goes around the earth, the earth goes around the sun, and the sun circles the galactic center.  So too do the patterns within ourselves repeat in the nation we build and eras of civilization that repeat on greater scales of times.  Think of a nation collective that has a body, and heart and a mind that moves in rhythm.  Every nation is a body of people that together goes through highs and lows, good days and bad, in the trends of social change.   Every one of us, who has their own rhythms, lives in the greater collective of a nation that moves in greater cycles, and every nation has its own set of rhythms.  By the same token, every nation is part of the global community that move to even greater cycles that we call the eras of civilization.  Cycles within cycles, that is KalaRhythms.

Katzmire’s thoughts on 9/11 The attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001 took down both towers of the World Trade Center in New York, and destroyed part of the Pentagon Building in Washington, DC. This is an advent of the 432-year Emotional Cycle that periodically reaches a critical period of transition and crises. The Cycles comes into crises whenever it Crosses up through the midpoint into the High half, or crosses down through the midpoint into the Low half. Right now, the Emotional Cycle is crossing up in the High half with its regular turmoil. To exemplify what kind of impact an Emotional Crossover can have, the last time this Cycle crossed down through the midpoint to end our last Emotional High, we had the French Revolution that brought down head of state and reigns across Europe. These attacks were accomplished by Muslim extremists who coordinated hijackings of airliners in flight and flew them into their targets, killing themselves, other passengers and crew on the planes, and many on the ground. The attacks targeted some of the quintessential icons of the previous machine age and revealed that familiar national boundaries may not define emerging power centers in the new century. Instead, ideological and conceptual values drew combatants from various nations into a coordinated attack. This was not a war between nations, this was the onslaught from enemy that the United States had not faced before, the virtual nation.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.