Big Pharma and Governments hiding behind the SBS label

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By Christina England
July 3, 2009

Apparently, all around the world more and more parents are shaking their babies to death and the statistics of this form of abuse are rising steadily. SBS or Shaken Baby Syndrome, appears to be the ‘in label’ being used in many child abuse cases, that is after Munchausen by Proxy, which also seems to be on the rise. Statistics say that 4000 cases of SBS or shaken baby syndrome are reported every year to paediatric hospitals and these are the most serious of cases. Research shows that an estimated 2 to 3 children under the age of two, out of every 100,000, are shaken, as a form of discipline. These are the statistics reported by Massachusetts Citizens for Children SBS website They have been advocating for children for five decades 1959 – 2009.

The above site states:-

“Boys are more frequently identified as victims of Shaken Baby Syndrome, though researchers do not fully understand why. Shaken baby cases are most frequently reported at around 2 months of age”.

The site shows a variety of distressing photos of children with horrific injuries and says that even children who were initially symptom free tend to go on to have learning disabilities and other delays once they reach school age.

In Scotland, England and Wales research shows similar statistics, stating that in the southwest England and south Wales the incidence of subdural haematoma was 21.0 per 100,000 children under one year of age.

A 15-year retrospective study in Scotland suggested that an estimated incidence of NAHI of 11.2 per 100,000 children under one year was an underestimate because shaken impact syndrome is not a single coding entity in the international classification of diseases (ICD)3.

The figures in North Carolina were even more staggering showing a massive estimated 30 children out of every 100,000 apparently being shaken under the age of one.

These figures were shown on the National Centre on Shaken Baby Syndrome website

Suddenly, parents are shaking their babies so viciously and so violently, that centres and websites are being set up all over the world for information on ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ to cater for the influx. This is where the brain goes into overdrive and you have to step back and think, is this really a fact? Are parents worldwide suddenly shaking innocent little vulnerable babies so hard and so venomously as to cause them permanent brain damage or even death? Could this really be the case?

Child abuse has always existed, that is a fact. We often read in our newspapers of cases of severe neglect and abuse and stories of horrific injuries inflicted on young children. In the UK only recently there has been a case of ‘Baby P’. This case, was possibly one of the worst and most disturbing in England to date. A little boy of just two years of age was systematically beaten to death throughout his life. Injuries and abuse were missed time and time again by a variety of professionals and he died with the following injuries:-

Eight broken ribs and a broken back, with another area of bleeding around the spine at neck level.

Numerous bruises, cuts and abrasions, including a deep tear to his left ear lobe, which had been pulled away from his head.

Severe lacerations to the top of his head, including a large gouge which could have been caused by a dog bite.

Blackened finger- and toenails, with several nails missing; the middle finger of his right hand was without a nail and its tip was also missing, as if it had been sliced off.

A tear to his fraenulum, the strip of skin between the middle of the upper lip and the gum, which had partially healed.

One of his front teeth had also been knocked out and was found in his colon. He had swallowed it.

As reported by John Murphy BBC News on 11th November 2008.

This clearly shows abuse does happen and will continue to happen, sadly it is fact of life. However, does it happen as frequently as 30 in every 100,000 children? These are the figures just for SBS remember, then you have the figures for MSBP or Munchausen by Proxy which are as reported on a paper A new name for Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: defining Fabricated or Induced Illness by Carers by Ellen Fish, Leah Bromfield and Daryl Higgins.

“An estimated six hundred cases of two forms of MSbP (suffocation and non accidental poisoning) were estimated to occur in the United States in 1996 (Ayoub et al. 2002);

Eighteen reported cases per annum were reported in New Zealand (Denny et al. 2001 cited in Pritchard 2004);

About fifty cases a year were reported in the UK (Meadow 1994 cited in Pritchard 2004).

What has been known as MSbP has been reported as occurring in 24 different countries (Feldman and Brown 2002, cited in Pritchard 2004).

An estimate from one Australian study was an annual rate of between 15.2 and 24.5 cases (Tait, Donal, Moran, Jureidini and Schreier 2004).”

So according to the above the world is full of child abusing nutters, however, could there be something even more sinister lurking beneath the surface? Many professionals believe that there is. Many believe that it is not the parents who are causing all these awful injuries on these children but their injuries are being caused by the routine vaccines. Difficult to believe? Well perhaps but some of their theories do shed light on the matter and many of them do make sense.

In 2008, Charles Pragnell wrote an article called Doctors in Dilemma Speaking about the diagnosis of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Repressed Memory Syndrome, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Parental Alienation Syndrome, Dissociative Disorder, he said the following:-

“Medical theories of child abuse such as Shaken Baby Syndrome appear to have been used as a first choice in a differential diagnosis by some paediatricians called in after a child has died of indeterminate causes. If faced with very sick children and overtly anxious parents, paediatricians have at times – without undertaking a thorough and exhaustive examination of all of the possible causes of the child´s illness – blamed the parents for the children´s illnesses – Fabricated or Induced Illness in Children.”

He carries on:-

“Bruises on the back of an infant must be inflicted since the infant is not mobile enough to bruise itself.”

Spontaneous bruising and bleeding are a feature of a disorder of haemostasis of which the commonest at this age are Vitamin C and K deficiencies and Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia. All should be checked by a Haematologist.

“Posterior rib fractures are highly indicative of non-accidental injury and are most commonly sustained as a result of compression of the chest as the baby is held as it is shaken.

This is a direct quotation from a Court case in England. This speculation (or better described as a myth or fabrication) is particularly distressing as fractures of different ages are then held to be evidence of repeated episodes of shaking. There is good evidence that without adequate Vitamin K bones are liable to spontaneous fractures and appropriate tests for Vitamin K Deficiency Disease should be carried out before such accusations are made [1].

“Abused infants may have bleeding around the brain and in the eyes – the alleged hallmarks of SBS – but most also bear signs of the violence which killed them such as fractures, bruises, burns, malnutrition or neglect.

Regrettably this is the commonly held opinion of medical experts giving evidence for the Prosecution in cases of alleged child abuse. It ignores the fact that fractures and bruises can result from deficiencies of Vitamins C and/or K [1,2] and these deficiencies are not necessarily the result of neglect. In fact Vitamin C deficiency is not uncommonly iatrogenic as the result of the number of vaccines given to these infants[3,4]. Vitamin K deficiency is often due to immaturity or infection of the liver.

Rutty et al [5] have warned of the possibility of mistaking retinal and subdural haemorrhages for child abuse but the message does not seem to have registered in some circles.

As regards fractures and bruises found on a child. It is absurd to demand a detailed explanation from a parent for many such injuries. How is a parent expected to explain such injuries to a doctor? How can a 20 year old distressed and bewildered mother be expected to say to a doctor,

“You know, Doctor, there are several Vitamin K dependent proteins in the body which require to be carboxylated by the enzyme gamma-glutamyl carboxylase before they become functional. Without Vitamin K, these proteins, some of which control haemostasis and prevent bruising, and others which control mineralization of bone and prevent fractures, cease to be carboxylated and hence bruises and fractures are likely to occur[1]. And what is more, Doctor, last week you gave my baby an antibiotic for his cough. That could have destroyed the Vitamin K 2 forming bacteria in his gut thereby adding to his problem of a lack of Vitamin K to protect him from bruises and fractures.

That is my explanation doctor. I hope you can understand it and don´t report me to the police or social services. They may take my baby away and kill all my dreams.”

If the doctor cannot explain it, he should consult the literature on the subject.


So-called “burns” on a child are also often misinterpreted by medical experts. In one example an innocent man was sent to prison on the basis of flawed evidence by a medical expert who swore that the marks on the child were cigarette burns, whereas they were clearly the lesions of microscopic polyarteritis that one can see in Kawasaki Disease. The “burns” that Victoria Climbie was alleged to have suffered are also most probably of a similar origin. They will almost certainly show the characteristic findings of Kawasaki Disease – neutrophilia, lymphopenia, AST > ALT.

Retinal Haemorrhages.

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists Working Party concluded in terms of the force required to cause retinal haemorrhages “ absolute values can be given for the angular acceleration forces required to produce injury, but there is good evidence that they must be considerable.

No one has ever observed such “angular acceleration forces” being applied to the infant. If it has not been observed, it is imagined and hence has no scientific validity. Rutty et al have drawn attention to retinal haemorrhages in Late Onset Haemorrhagic Disease of the Newborn [5].

False allegations of child abuse and child murder and consequent false imprisonment of parents and carers are rife in the English-speaking world and are largely the result of what can be described as “pseudological fantasies” and fanciful speculations of paediatricians.”

So it appears there are other possible reasons for these horrific injuries. Many of the above injuries can and do occur after childhood vaccinations. A very interesting rapid response by the retired pathologist and a hematologist Dr Michael Innis said the following in the British Medical Journal on line rapid responses.


Comment from Leslie

This is an excellent article – that details that what may appear to be a case of SBS – or infant abuse, may not be that at all.  Vaccine, injury, and vitamin deficencies are also explained.


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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