Catholic Church Guilty of Ordering Women and Children Back To Male Abusers

by Portia

March 27, 2010
Now that the light of truth has been shed on the Vatican and its role in keeping abuse of children hidden, it is time to expose the suffering endured by thousands of mothers and children who were ordered back home to their violent husbands by Catholic priests after they had escaped such abuse.

It was standard practice to make mothers return with their children – No support given! No help given!, no advice given!

Just “Get back to your husband woman, that’s your place!”

“The only way you can leave your husband is in a coffin, you know the rules of the Church”

Obey, Obey, Obey.<

If these women defied the Priest and did not return then they were castigated and declared outcasts. Most went into exile and were never heard of again.

Family and friends sided with the Catholic priest, so the victims were further abused and isolated.

Catholic Priests who ordered children and mothers back to the violence and abuse did not so alone but were operating according to higher orders.

So, where exactly did these orders come from? The teachings on this go back to St Augustine who lived in a dysfunctional family where his mother was beaten and forced to obey the violent father.

This “saint” then set about writing on how it is good for women to suffer at the hands of their husbands, because all women are evil and need to repent for the sin of being born female. He also followed the teachings of Aristotle who also saw the subjugation of women as being necessary for society.

The patriarchal church also taught that women who think they are being abused are simply deceiving themselves and should not be believed. Keeping the women in the institution of marriage was all that mattered.

Children of the marriage were not believed either regarding abuse by the father, as that would make him look bad in the eyes of the community and men’s reputations and good standing had to be protected.
By saying and doing nothing about the abuse, the Roman Catholic Church was thereby encouraging the denial of the realities of domestic violence and intra-familial terrorism and the extreme sufferings of abused mothers and their children. Many mothers returned to the violence as a consequence of the Priests directives and suffered broken health and premature deaths. Children often suffered serious mental disorders or lapsed into crime and prostitution and drug addiction.

The same patriarchal thinking has continued today into the legal system, whereby abused mothers and children are made to suffer for daring to come forward and try to escape. This abuse has been allowed to continue into the next generation, thus perpetuating the cycle.

Solicitors and Barristers warn protective mothers not to dare mention to Family Court Judges the abuse of their children by fathers, citing “ judges are sick of hearing about child abuse” and so abuse goes on and on, like it did in the Catholic church.

Some judges in Ireland still order women and children home to “be good little girls and obey.”

These are women of 40 years, so hardly girls, but this is how patriarchal judges see them.All part of the brainwashing and social conditioning of the Roman Catholic Church.

The holy sanctity of marriage and `Till death do us part…” mattered above all else and certainly the sufferings of mothers and children were of no account against the Catholic Church teachings.

Society still ostracizes victims of domestic violence, citing “she made her bed, now, let her lie in it”.

She has dishonoured the family name and must leave the community.
But the husband is free to use and abuse his wife and children.

The same patriarchal system, which labelled all women as evil, still uses the same excuses in law to allow the abuser to walk free.

Here are a few well-known and typical excuses used by the RC Church and the Judiciary.

“All women are evil” “Women’s only role is to produce babies”

All women are emotional, so therefore in need of locking up in the “Looney Bins” should they step out of line.

It is also very simple for a violent husband to have his wife committed to a mental institution so that his image is protected.

Remember how it was, one word from the priest or the brutal husband and the men in white coats arrived and the mother disappeared from society. Nobody was allowed to speak of her again. “That will teach her to keep her mouth shut about male abusers”.

“That will teach the rest of the strong women to keep quiet about abuse too.”

Of course the real reason for locking women away was to get possession of the land and property and children.

This is no different to the days of the witch-hunts, when the Vatican men of God ordered that women be burned at the stake in order to get the property.

It is also worth nothing that the Catholic Church singles out strong independent female children from a young age for persecution, aided and abetted by the Government agencies, especially social services.

Young girls were subjected to services of Exorcism by Catholic priests in order to break their spirit and render them obedient.

This same stigma remaining attached to them in motherhood which meant their children were stolen by the State.

It sounds so crazy in this day and age, yet it has been happening for generations and is still happening in secret. The HSE- Social Services  use the same secrecy rules as the Vatican.
It uses the same tactics of threats and intimidation also.

So too, the Family Courts.

Hardly surprising when the Judiciary, the legal profession, and the government are also controlled by the Catholic Institution.

Most judges, social workers, Guardians, solicitors, barristers play by the Catholic rules for fear of rocking the boat and the truth be exposed for all to see.

Careers and incomes are dependent on these collusions and collaborations and none may break the silence and expose the injustices and atrocities in which they are all complicit. Catholic teaching has taught abusive men how to manipulate and deceive in order to save face and remain in control.

This is how abusers are able to gain custody of the children they have abused, even when documented evidence is provided to the Judge and the agencies involved.

2,000 years of suppression, subjugation, and maltreatment of females is enough. The Roman Catholic Church must be brought to account for all of its evil deeds which it must confess and seek forgiveness and make redemption. Until it does, it will remain a Church which promotes and assists evil doings to women and children.

Now is the time for the Divine Feminine to take her place in society and bring love and harmony to all who desire it.


“Courage In Women Is often Mistaken For Insanity‏”


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.