Doctor & I – One Woman’s Account of Getting HPV Vaccine

Life is a Book which is Hard to Understand

June 2, 2009

Yesterday was my dateline for my 2nd dose of the Cervarix vaccination. So, I went to the usual Mediviron clinic that I used to go for my 2nd injection. And, I have met with this Chinese doctor who really didn’t look like and sound like a doctor at all. Let’s me share the conversation when I’m having my injection with him.

D: Doctor. M: Me. N: Nurse

D: So lady, what’s wrong?
M: Hi doctor, I need to get my 2nd dose of the Cervarix.
D: (looks confused) Cervarix?
M: Ya. I have my 1st dose one month ago, so I need my 2nd dose now. (Showing him the lil’ blue card given by the lady doctor who gave me the 1st dose a month ago) So, you have the stocks for this vaccination now?
D: Oh, ok. Let’s me check with the nurse. (Start calling for a nurse) Nurse, can you please help me to check if we have any stock for the Cervarix vaccination?
N: Sorry doctor, I’m very busy now. Can you go to the green color fridge there to see if there is any?

The doctor get up from his chair and walk to the fridge to look for the Cervarix. Less than 1 min, he called the nurse again.

D: Maybe can you come to help me to find? I don’t really know where it is.

(I bet the doctor has no idea how’s the Cervarix’s packaging look like)

N: Neh, here you go.
D: Ooooo…okok.

(The conversation between the doctor and the nurse discussing about the price and also if this vaccination is claimable under ING card has been cut to cut the story short)

The doctor then opens the box for the vaccination clumsily and asked me,

D: Why there are 2 needles? For what?
M: (looks puzzled while pointing at the box) Ya, it was shown in the box there are 2 needles. (Gosh…is he a professional doctor???)
D: (taking out the leaflet inside the box and start glancing through) Hmmm…
M: (with a doubtful look and sound extremely worry) Doctor, have you done this injection to others before?
D: Of course. (Start putting on the needle to the dose and preparing for the injection) So, left arm or right arm?
M: Left arm
D: (Start to rub my left arm with a wet antiseptic cotton and the injection has begun) So how old are you?
M: 2* turning 2*.
D: Oooo…so this vaccination can be taken by any age of women? (in a very nonchalantly way)
M: (Frowned) Hmm…I think not for women after 40 or 45 thou. (Hey, you should know better than me, don’t you? Who is the doctor now???)
D: Oic… Bold
M: (Screamed with pain) Gosh, so pain!!!!!!!!!
D: Pain?
M: Ya, it wasn’t that painful when I was having my 1st dose.
D: It depends on the luck sometimes. Maybe because I’m using the smaller needle, so you feel more painful.
M: (whispering in my heart: OMFG, WTF!!!! Depending on luck??? I supposed it should be depending on your skill, doctor) But, the lady doctor told me smaller needle will be less painful. Just that it takes a little longer time to finish the whole dosage?
D: …
M: So doctor, when I should come for my 3rd injection then? (Actually I knew when it is to be, but just thinking to have a test on him)
D: Hmmm…(sound very uncertain) I will let you know later when you collecting your medicine later.
M: (I’m 100% sure that he has no idea on this!) Ok, thanks doctor (in a very reluctant way). So doctor, I thought you supposed to put a plaster for me?
D: Oh, plaster. I’m not sure where it is. Wait, let me check 1st.
M: Doctor, are you new? Or you are a replacement?
D: (in a very vague way) Ya. Oh, here is the plaster.
M: (speechless) Thanks!

WTF…is he a real doctor? I’m really wondering. He doesn’t even really sure when will be the time for my 3rd injection. Gosh…I’m feeling kinda worry now and my left arm is feeling extremely painful and sore now. I can hardly move or raise my left harm. How am I going to attend my class tonight????


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.