False accusations of Munchausen by Proxy, The Truth Behind the Label: Part 4 – My Story and the Stigma of False Accusations a After Vaccine Injury

Christina England

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My Story and the stigma of false accusations a after vaccine injury

With an accusation of MSBP comes suspicion, stigma, prejudice and discrimination. I was wrongly accused of MSBP in late 1999 and my children were both put on the “at risk register” by Social Services in early 2000. I remember the first case conference as if it was yesterday. I was alone and taken into a room of around twenty professionals, most of whom I had never even met. I was subjected a whole morning of interrogation. My whole life and that of my children was put under a magnifying glass. It felt like I was named and shamed. I was guilty before I even set foot in that building. I was herded in and out of the conference whilst some of the reports were read privately. It was as near to being in court as I have been and I was terrified. I was subjected to three case conferences in total. I was forced to undergo a full psychiatric assessment, have a family worker live in my house for two weeks in the summer holidays and attend core meeting every two weeks.

I am a single mother with two adopted disabled sons. I chose to adopt disabled children as I felt disabled older children deserved the same right to a loving family as any other child. Many disabled children wait as long as ten years to find a family.I adopted my boys because I believed I could give them a chance, a future. I thought that by taking them out of the care system I could in some way make a difference to their lives. I thought my experience of working with the disabled would hold me in good stead and help me access the services they would need to thrive. It in fact became a vital part of the MSBP profile.

Labelling of any kind leads to prejudice, stigma and discrimination which in turn can lead to a person losing all self esteem. During the case conferences, I was accused of making my eldest son who has Cerebral Palsy (mild ataxic) ADHD, Aspergers and Learning disabilities swim as a disabled swimmer to gain attention and to make him feel disabled. I was told I was to promote him as a “normal” person to encourage his self esteem. My son who swum for Great Britain had hopes of swimming in the Para Olympics. I was told quote

“This is unrealistic, as swimmers with ******** level of disability would not qualify” “You are giving your son false expectations.”



Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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