Gardasil has never been tested in young girls under 15 years old, says whistle blower Diane Harper

American Chronicle

By Christina England
October 26, 2009

Once again our children are being used as ‘pharmaceutical laboratory rats’ while Merck rake in the dollars. The Bulletin – Gardasil Researcher Drops a Bombshell – Susan Brinkman reports that the leading expert Diane Harper dropped a huge bombshell on her stunned audience at the 4th International Public Conference on Vaccination, which took place in Reston, Virginia a few days ago, when she said that not only had there been NO efficacy trials of the HPV vaccine Gardasil, in young girls under 15 she also revealed that 70% of all HPV infections resolve themselves in less than year ‘without treatment’ and 90% in less than 2 years, leaving her audience seriously doubting if there was any real need for young women to be vaccinated for HPV at all. She said that Gardasil will do little to reduce cervical cancer rates. When asked, why she was now speaking out, Dr Harper said:-

“I want to be able to sleep with myself when I go to bed at night.”

This is not the first time that this brave professional has spoken out against the HPV vaccinations Gardasil and Cervarix. Only a few weeks ago Lucy Johnston a UK journalist reported her saying similar to her when she spoke to her on the Cervarix HPV vaccine. In her article HPV Vaccine ‘as deadly as the cancer’ she wrote:-

“Dr Diane Harper, who was involved in the clinical trials of the controversial drug Cervarix, said the jab was being “over-marketed” and parents should be properly warned about the potential side effects.

Authorities in the UK should be on the alert because its sister vaccine, Gardasil, used in America, has already been associated with 32 deaths, she said.”

In an article Hide Your Daughters – Worst Vaccine Bill Ever – The Health Sciences Institute Diane Harper was reported to have said:-

“Even if everyone was vaccinated, we would still have cervical cancer. I don´t want people to be lulled into thinking this will prevent cancer.”

In the article Could the Gardasil vaccine actually help increase cervical cancer rates -The Health Sciences Institute again it is reported that Diane Harper said:-

“Another gray area is the duration. It appears to remain effective for at least five years, but we have no idea how long it will last in the real world. And that could mean that girls vaccinated at 11 or 12 actually lose protection when they´ll need it most – but it´s impossible to know that until after large numbers of vaccinated girls contract the virus.”

This means that no one really knows if the vaccine works or how long it works for and even worse is the fact that no one will know the answer to either of these questions until a large number of VACCINATED girls begin to contract the virus and possibly die from cervical cancer.

So far Diane Harper has stated these facts:-

FACT – 90% of HPV infections resolve themselves in less than two years.

FACT – There has been no testing of the HPV vaccine in girls under the age of 15

FACT – Parents are not being warned of the side effects of either Cervarix or Gardasil

FACT – No one knows how long these vaccines work for

FACT – There have been over 32 deaths associated with Gardasil

This is very clear evidence from the mouth of an expert reported in several newspapers, journals and conferences confirming that not only are young girls being used as ‘laboratory rats’ by the drug companies we are putting our faith into but also by the Governments who are recommending these vaccines.

A few months ago I wrote the article Girls used as Guinea Pigs in HPV Trials Admits GSK where I gave links to paper work which backs up what this expert says in reference to the HPV vaccines. The paperwork said:-

“The initial effect of vaccination is favourable: vaccination leads to the formation of antibodies against the target hrHPVs and thus to protection against infection by those hrHPVs. This in turn brings about a major short-term reduction in the incidence of the precursors of cervical cancer. It is known that the development of such precursors is a prerequisite for the subsequent development of the cancer. Vaccination against cervical cancer itself. However, whether vaccination does in fact protect against cervical cancer will not be known for many years to come.”

The Child Health Safety website asked the very important question a few days ago, they asked-

“Do you really want to trust the safety of your children to drugs and vaccines from a company which behaves like this?”

This was in an article they wrote entitled More Fraud By Drug Giant Merck – US $650 Million when they wrote about the latest in a long line of ‘Merck Misdemeanours.

Based on the evidence I have recently seen my answer to the above question is an resounding no.



Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.