Sanofi Pasteur Plays Santa and Pays for Children to Take Part in Vaccine Trials


by Christina England
December 23, 2010

With Christmas nearly here and the flu season well and truly under way, Sanofi Pasteur is playing Santa Claus this year. Not only is the drug giant offering free flu vaccines to children, but they are paying parents $350 to use them as guinea pigs in flu vaccine trials.

With many health departments already out of flu vaccines this year, parents in Overland Park, Kansas are allowing their children to have the untested vaccines instead. One official said clinical trials may be the way to go for some parents.

Radiant Research is conducting phase three testing of a new quadrivalent influenza vaccine. Dr. Carl Petit, the lead investigator for Radiant Research, reassures parents that the side effects, if any, are only minimal. A parent will rake in $350 per child (between the ages of six months and eight years old) participating in the research program.

Mrs. Myers, with twin boys Joshua and Josiah, are regulars in various vaccine trials. She is confident that no harm will come to the boys. She says:

“I trust Radiant Research, I wouldn’t be afraid to let them decide what was best. They wouldn’t do anything that was too scary for me as a mum.”

Radiant is testing the vaccine as part of a four month blind study in 20 different locations. The vaccine is said to offer children more protection and more immunity than anything currently on the market. Full coverage of the story is on Action News (…).

Is Mrs Myers being a good, caring parent looking out for her children? Many would think not. Especially after watching the news report where her little boy is seen whimpering with two adults holding him down to vaccinate him. As they vaccinate him he squeezes a stress ball in his left hand. A reporter is heard on the voice over saying:

“It is stressful, six years old, knowing your right arm is a bullseye for needles.”

The child squeezes the ball faster saying:

“Are you done now, are you done?”

The twin’s mother may feel comfortable using her children as lab rats while pocketing a nice $700, but just how safe are these “ever so safe” trials?

Last year in similar trials German businessman Axel ended up coughing up blood… He said:

“The vaccination has made me ill! – the test is irresponsible, I felt totally beat. On the third day, my kidneys and head were aching and I got a fever. I then had a coughing fit – and the wash basin was suddenly red – it was blood!”

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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