UK Nurse Gave Vaccine To Child Without Consent To Meet Government Goals

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By Christina England | April 16th, 2011

A UK nurse has been accused of vaccinating a child with the MMR without his mothers consent to hit vaccine targets. The Daily Mail has reported that a Birmingham mother has made an official complaint stating that a nurse at the ‘Pak Medical Centre’ gave her son the MMR without her permission. Robina Siddique told the newspaper that she firmly believes that nurse Rashiela Parekh vaccinated her three year old son purely to meet vaccination targets.

Siddique claims that she took her son to the clinic for the DPT vaccination making it very clear at the time that she did not want her son to have the MMR. This was because she felt that it was unsafe. She told the Mail:

“I had refused the MMR for my child because I don’t think there is enough research into the long-term implications, but I feel my freedom of choice has been taken away from me,”

Ms Siddique is furious that her child was given the vaccine and went on to say :

“It is irreversible now and I feel so angry”.

In my opinion if a nurse gives a vaccine to a child without consent it amounts to child abuse and she should be sacked immediately. It appears however, that she was not even suspended. When asked about the incident the Pak Medical Centre said “We cannot comment on an individual case” no surprises there then.

The Department of Health were no better insisting that a child should ever be immunised unless their parents have given consent.

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This begs the question why was this child vaccinated without consent then?

Ms Siddique’s boy is not the only child to be vaccinated ‘accidentally‘ in the UK recently. In February the Guardian reported no less than 108 vaccine mix ups (…)

In another article the Mail written by Beezy Marsh she reported that doctors were giving the MMR by ‘stealth’ (

She wrote:

“At least 50 horrified parents have complained that their GPs have ‘mistakenly’ given their children the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, it has emerged.

All the children had been recalled to their GP practice to receive a booster jab of the Hib vaccine, which protects against the potentially deadly haemophilus influenza type B disease, which causes meningitis.

Once there, they have been given the MMR jab in an apparent mix-up.”

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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