Vaccine Induced Child Abuse Exposed

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By Christina England | January 14th, 2011 |

As the Wakefield saga unfolds, we have seen the lengths pharmaceutical industries and governments will go to in a bid to cover up the truth. However, destroying a professionals reputation is not the only tactic employed to cover up vaccine injuries. Blaming parents of child abuse is another tactic being regularly used.

Many parents, who believe that they have been falsely accused of child abuse, are convinced that their child has been injured by a routine childhood vaccination. Yet, many in the medical establishment, however, are less convinced. Instead, they push ahead for police and child protection intervention. Sadly this means that many sick and disabled children enter the care system receiving inadequate medical or educational intervention and carry on to deteriorate.

Professionals worldwide are becoming increasingly alert to this phenomenon. Some are even beginning to request that a child’s full vaccination history be taken into consideration in all suspected child abuse cases. This is especially important they feel when children are presented to doctors with mystery illnesses or injuries. Many believe that parents of vaccine damaged children are being used as scapegoats to cover up vaccine injuries.

Kathleen Sebelius is considered by many to be the most powerful health official in the United States. Despite being the Head of Health and Human Services, she has little background in health. She is not a doctor or a scientist. She is, in fact, a lawyer and a politician.

In a webchat between several women about the ‘Affordable Care Act’ and Kethleen Sebeluis put on by the Public Affairs Dept at HHS, we can see Sebelius saying that there is an Institute on Vaccinations who run clinical trials, constantly testing and re-testing the safety of vaccine. Her exact words are:

“I know that at the National Institutes of Health, there’s an Institute on Vaccinations and one of the things they do is constantly run clinical trials, testing not only safety of individual vaccines, but safety of vaccines given together, spacing components, how frequently they have to be given in terms of boosting immunization”. (

There is however I found no such institute listed when I search their website. (

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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