Bye, Bye Drug Psychiatry – Women Deserve Better – We All Deserve Better

Holy Hormones Journal: How familiar does this sound? I cannot tell you how many hundreds of women who have posted and commented on articles on my blog who have fallen into the same hormone-related ‘postpartum journey into the world of psychiatry’.  Thanks to Dr. Kelly Brogan ‘The Renegade Psychiatrist’ for bringing this woman’s story to Continue Reading …

Anthony Stephan to Speak at BrainSolutions Conference

    “When they open the history book ten years from now, it will talk about how mental illness was found to be nothing more than a nutrient deficiency disorder.”                                                                                       – Anthony Stephan Anthony Stephan, founder of Truehope Inc., the Leaders in Brain Health has been invited to speak at the 2013 BrainSolutions Conference Continue Reading …

Miracle of Q96 Micronutrients for Hormone Related Bipolar Disorder

The Tony Stephan / EMPowerplus Q96 Story Holy Hormones Journal: ADHD, Schizophrenia, Autism, Depression, Anxiety- 20 independent published studies…. affordable. Tens of thousands of people have been able to get their life back. Families are healed – loved ones back into relationships – back at their jobs… their educational pursuits. Women helping women thrive…  Q96 Continue Reading …

Study: Autoimmune Liver Damage Linked to Estrogen

A Johns Hopkins Children’s Center study in mice may help explain why women are more prone than men to a form of liver damage by implicating the female sex hormone estrogen in the development of autoimmune hepatitis.

Going Mad in America: Linking Nutrition to Mental Health

As research psychologists who have spent years studying nutrition in relation to mental health, behaviour, and brain development, we know how beneficial nutrition can be for some people tackling mental health problems.

Recovering from Depo-Provera: Withdrawal Symptoms Explained

This post aims to briefly explain how Depo Provera works to prevent pregnancy, its common side effects and, most importantly, why and what to do about adverse experiences when stopping it.

Woman’s Ability to Control Fertility Good for Society – but at what Cost?

According to a new Guttmacher Institute review of more than 66 studies conducted over three decades, a woman’s ability to control her fertility affects much more than just if and when she’ll start a family; contraception plays a big a role in the financial, professional and emotional lives of American women, too.

Are US Women So Crazy they are Prescribed Psych Meds?

Can so many US women really be mentally ill? Perhaps some are wrongly pathologised, but there is a rational explanation.

Andrea Channing Exposé: 90% of Americans Exposed to Anxiety Related Hormone Disruptors

Did you catch the Dateline episode yesterday? It was a great report. The producer Andrea Canning wanted to see how her daily behavior could affect the levels of bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates and triclosan in her urine.

Mommies Little Helper: Xanax

Pushing antidepressants on a national morning news program for women who are obviously suffering from hormone imbalance and nutrient depletion (labeled postpartum depression) is vile.