Birth Control Pills Deplete Vital Nutrients

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Most women are not aware that the birth control pill depletes nutrients. And if a woman is nutritionally depleted or hormone imbalanced to begin with – she will experience anxiety, and other side effects while on the pill.

Danish Study: BCP’s Pose Higher Risk for Stroke and Cardiac Issues

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BCP’s in the news again. A large Danish registry study found that the risks of thrombotic stroke or myocardial infarction (MI) roughly doubled in women taking oral contraceptives.

Women Held Hostage Over Birth Control Pills


Doctors regularly hold women’s birth control prescriptions hostage like this, forcing them to come in for exams that research is increasingly showing are too frequent and often unnecessary and ineffective.

Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell – ‘Tell Your Boss Why You’re On The Pill’ Bill Endorsed in Arizona


Arizona has taken up yet another draconian law for women’s health – this time replicating but broadening the federal push to let employers deny women access to birth control. The bill stipulates that, unless a woman brings in a note proving she is not using it to avoid getting pregnant, an employer can deny birth control to any woman in the workplace.

‘Sex, Lies & Menopause’ Author T.S. Wiley on Holy Hormones Honey!

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Join Leslie Carol Botha on Monday, March 19 on KRFC FM when she interviews T.S. Wiley, on her book, ‘Sex Lies and Menopause” and her work and research on Rhythmic Cyclic BHRT and the Wiley Protocol using natural cyclic hormones for menopause. Wiley has made numerous national radio and television appearances and since 2000 continues to present and lecture on Multi-Phasic, Rhythmic Cyclic BHRT and Hibernation and Metabolic States. Wiley’s Seminar’s on the Natural History of Endocrinology are attended by physicians from all over the world and they are awarded CME credits for her work.

An All Male Hearing Devoted to Birth Control – Where are the Women?

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The image of a table of men—primarily from religious organizations— comprising a hearing devoted to birth control, became a snapshot emblematic of problems to follow. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) asked the obvious question when she inquired incredulously, “Where are the women?”

Attempts by Sandra Fluke, a college student that had hoped to speak about the wide role of birth control medicine in women’s health, had been rebuffed with the statement that she wasn’t “qualified to testify.” She has since been publicly vilified by Rush Limbaugh.

Birth Control is Pricey – even for those who can afford it

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Ninety-nine percent of women have used contraception, but that hasn’t stopped far-right critics of the rule from trying to turn birth control into a controversy, one that has intensified in the past week. No one has spun the issue better than Georgia Representative Tom Price, who claimed that no woman has ever been denied access to birth control because she could not afford it. “Bring me one woman who has been left behind. Bring me one. There’s not one,” Price told ThinkProgress when it asked how low-income women could access contraception if it were not insured

St. John’s Wort & Oral Contraceptives May Not be a Good Mix

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SJW has also been shown to reduce the efficacy of some oral contraceptives. It’s even suspected to have caused unplanned pregnancies. (One woman reported having been prescribed birth control for over 9 years, and experiencing an unintended pregnancy just 6 months after starting her SJW treatment.)

Why Can’t We Criticize the Pill?

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On February 10th, the Washington Post published an op-ed piece by Rachel Maddow. In this she outlines how there are Republicans who don’t want birth control covered by insurance, they don’t want Planned Parenthood receiving federal funding, and they want an embryo to be considered as a person with rights. She highlights that this last issue threatens the legality of hormonal birth control. In the final paragraph she states:

“Time will tell on the political impact of this fight, but the relevant political context here is more than just a 2012 measure of Catholic bishops’ influence on moral issues. It’s also this year’s mainstream Republican embrace of an antiabortion movement that no longer just marches on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade to criminalize abortion; it now marches on the anniversary of Griswold v. Connecticut, holding signs that say “The Pill Kills.”

Birth Control and the Bloviators: What Just Happened?

Angela Bonavoglia

Last week, before the great contraception compromise, as the “old boys club” attacked President Barack Obama for daring to require religiously affiliated hospitals, universities, and social service agencies—but not churches—to provide birth control coverage free of charge to their employees, Rachel Maddow had a question.

Given that 28 states have birth control mandates with which Catholic institutions comply, that some major Catholic institutions provide contraceptive coverage, and that new polling shows that the majority of Catholics agree that female Catholic hospital and university employees should have the same right to contraceptive coverage as other women, Maddow asked: How does the Beltway media narrative get so entirely captured by the other side?