Who Does Birth Control – Control?

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Condoms and birth control out, IUDs and hormonal implants for teen girls are in Holy Hormones Journal: It appears to me that the pharmaceutical and medical industry is paving the way for Bill Gates microchip that will be on the market in 3 years… dripping synthetic hormones into a woman’s arm for up to 16 Continue Reading …

Dr. Kelly Brogan’s Take on ‘That Naughty Little Pill’

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Holy Hormones Journal:  The pill – yeah, you know which one we are talking about. The ‘magic’ bullet that will right every woman’s wrongs. WRONG. What was intended to save women from unwanted pregnancies (because err, um of the men in our lives who violate our bodies – who will not keep their pants zipped Continue Reading …

14 Reasons Why Birth Control Pills are ‘Drug Muggers’

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Holy Hormones Journal:  Although this article is over a year old – the information is still timely, relevant and extremely important. Women (and men too for that matter) are being put on synthetic hormones and medications that rob our body’s of vital nutrients. BCP’s delete vital nutrients that support endocrine – and especially thyroid function. Continue Reading …

The ‘Pill’ and Stroke – One Woman’s Story

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Holy Hormones Journal: This woman’s story was part of the Weekend Links sent by the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research. How many other women have experienced a similar adverse event to the birth control pill? Remember we are the medical experiments. And the birth control pill has been called in largest uncontrolled experiment in medical Continue Reading …

Experimental ‘Pill’ for Males on Distant Horizon

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Holy Hormones Journal: Funny – the ‘experimental pill for women was rushed through the FDA and onto the market even though women in Puerto Rico who were the first medical experiments – said ‘no way’ – and even though there was a Senate testimony meeting in 1970 where a medical expert stated: “Estrogen is to Continue Reading …

Study: Pill Increases Breast Cancer Risk by 9.5%

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Holy Hormones Journal: This study posted in the Indian Journal of Cancer is pivotal. Although the study only included 640 women, the results are startling. Other factors like premature puberty, late marriage, a decrease in breastfeeding – also influenced the outcome of the study. Seems our western lifestyle now being adapted across the world in Continue Reading …

Holly Grigg-Spall: Are Women on the Pill Still Female? on Holy Hormones Honey! Dec. 5

Listen to this audio archive program of Holly Grigg-Spall: Are Women on the Pill Still Female? on Holy Hormones Honey! Dec. 5

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Holly’s interview is now posted on VoiceAmerica. You can also listen to the interview in the player below. Just click on episodes and all of the archived recordings of Holy Hormones Honey! will appear. Holly Grigg-Spall Are Women on the Pill Still Female Holy Hormones Honey! December 5 VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel Noon ET; Continue Reading …

Hormone Imbalance and Gardasil – A Recipe for Disaster?

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Holy Hormones Journal: This is the statement you all need to read and remember: “One by one, the specialists admitted that they suspected vaccine injury, although it was always off the record.  I asked, “Where do we go from here?” and the answer was horrifying.  The doctors did not know.  I could barely breathe.” Tracie’s Continue Reading …

Do not use Pill if you want to find a Good Husband


When women come off the pill they are hormonally whacked – and husbands also struggle with this transition. They marry women ‘high’ on hormones and when they come down they are mental/emotional wrecks.

Study: Link Found Between The Pill and Type 2 Diabetes

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Although I have yet to see development of Type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance cited as a reason to quit the pill, I have seen such a variety of health issues and medical problems described that this study caught my eye immediately.