Holly Grigg-Spall: ‘Sweetening the Pill’- Hooked on Hormones September 5

The ground-breaking interview with Holly Grigg-Spall is now archived on Holy Hormones Honey! on VoiceAmerica. Click on the ‘Latest Episode” and the show will air immediately.  This is one of the most important shows a woman will ever listen to you.  And then she will go out and purchase her copy of  ‘Sweetening the Pill’.  Continue Reading …

Jolie Lobs Off Her Breasts – Is the Birth Control Pill to Blame?

Holy Hormones Journal: “Estrogen is to cancer as fertilizer is to wheat.” 1970 Senate testimony on the birth control pill – given by a ‘male’ medical expert. What else needs to be said? Except women have been force fed synthetic hormones in the form of HRT and birth control for another 40 some odd years.  Continue Reading …

The Pill: Have the Tides of Risks Gone too Far?

So why is it that around 3.7 million women in the UK are currently taking ‘the Pill’, and around 100 million worldwide? The keenest uptake is among the young. An incredible 64 per cent of women aged between 20 and 24 are on the Pill, more than in any other age group.

Synthetic Hormone Use Linked with Increase in Breast Cancer Rates – and Death

Estrogen plus progestin use is linked with increased breast cancer incidence. In addition, prognosis is similar for both users and nonusers of combined hormone therapy, suggesting that mortality from breast cancer may be higher for hormone therapy users as well, according to a study published March 29 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.