Dr. Virginia Gurley: Circadian Rhythm Synchrony & Wellness on Holy Hormones Honey! December 17

Join Leslie Carol Botha, and guest Virginia Gurley, MD, MPH, founder and president of the AuraViva Clinic in Boulder, CO on Holy Hormones Honey! Monday December 17, 2012. on KRFC FM. Dr. Gurley will be addressing the importance of circadian rhythms for optimum health and wellness – including hormone balancing.

2001 Study: Circadian Rhythm CHAOS as Biomarker for Breast Cancer

This paper reviews the evidence for a connection between disturbances of circadian rhythms and breast cancer. Furthermore, a scheme is proposed in which circadian rhythm “chaos” is taken as a signal of high risk for breast cancer even in the absence of mammographic evidence of neoplasm or a palpable tumor.

Circadian Disruption & Inflammatory Disease Link Discovered

Scientists have known for some time that throwing off the body’s circadian rhythm can negatively affect body chemistry. In fact, workers whose sleep-wake cycles are disrupted by night shifts are more susceptible to chronic inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cancer.

TRUETYME; The Clock App Every Woman Needs To Restore And Maintain Her Inner Harmony

TrueTyme allows users to see at a glance both the sun and the moon above or below the horizon during corresponding periods of day and night is a modern time piece embracing the primordial knowledge modern society has forgotten.

Study: Reproductive Issues Due to Circadian Rhythm Disruption

Mice whose sleep patterns were altered had more difficulties conceiving and carrying pregnancies to term. The findings may have implications for women trying to conceive.

Disruption of Our Biological Clocks Can Lead to Jet Lag or Schizophrenia

Our core physiology relies on subtle organic timers: disrupt them, and effects range from jet lag to schizophrenia. Exactly how and when life began keeping time is unclear, but a candidate for the original biological clock may solve the mystery.

Study Shows Immunity Influenced by Circadian Rhythms

It’s common knowledge that too little sleep can increase our odds of getting sick, but a new study sheds light on just how direct the connection is. Researchers found that the body’s circadian clock controls an essential immune system gene in mice — a gene that helps the body ward off bacteria and viruses.

“People intuitively know that when their sleep patterns are disturbed, they are more likely to get sick,” study author Erol Fikrig, professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Medicine, said in a press release. “It does appear that disruptions of the circadian clock influence our susceptibility to pathogens.”

You Are Controlled By Circadian ‘Believe It or Not’

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It is now known that the molecular circadian clock can function within a single cell. At the same time, different cells may communicate with each other resulting in a synchronised output of electrical signaling.

Studies of circadian rhythms have turned up the following sometimes hard-to-believe information:

1. If we were to live in total darkness, we would fall into a cycle of days that last up to 25 hours or longer.