Kevin Galalae: The Holy Grail Of Depopulation

What God & Nature Created Over Millions of Years, Mankind will Destroy in Two Centuries ~ Kevin Galalea Kevin believes that the the use of endocrine disrupting chemicals has caused the premature deaths of 2.5 billion babies – most while still in the womb and has caused the rates of chronic illness to soar to Continue Reading …

Study: Infertility Link to Endocrine Disruptors Confirmed

Holy Hormones Journal: What we have been surmising – has indeed come to pass. They myriads of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in our environment are indeed behind the rising rates of infertility. Kevin Galalae wrote about this in his journal paper, Turning Nature against Man: The Role of Pandemics, Vaccines and Genetics in the UN’s Plan to Continue Reading …

New Population Control – Turning Nature Against Man

Holy Hormones Journal: I am truly not sure how this publication ended up on my browser filled with articles to post and comment on as time allows. As I read through the document today, I was just floored at what the author not only wrote but had published in OMICS International. Although the following may be harsh Continue Reading …

Linking Endocrine Disruptors to Autism

Holy Hormones Journal: We have done the unthinkable. We have poisoned our planet and our bodies. Our children’s neurological health is at risk. Our health is at risk. There are so many chemicals in our homes and we breathe in the fumes constantly. Especially during the long winter months… and this year because of all Continue Reading …

Body’s Circadian Rhythm Affects Infections,and Autoimmune Disorders

Holy Hormones Journal:  Endocrine health – actually neuro-endocrine-immune health is crucial to body functioning. Those three systems are governed by hormones that carry chemical messages based on circadian rhythms.  If women’s physiology was included in the health care model this would be have known years ago.  They should have asked/included women?  We would be able Continue Reading …

Does the Man in Your Life Suffer from ‘Low – T’?

Holy Hormones Journal: Pushing hormone therapy on men. Interesting to note that their are 297 comments to this great article by Elisabeth Rosenthal. I am shaking my head over Dr. Finkelstein’s comment about testosterone gels: ““The problem is that no one has proved that it works and we don’t know the risks.”  How is it Continue Reading …

Mercury’s Role in the Hormone Imbalance Epidemic

My colleague, Richard Diaz author of Illness Defined shared this You Tube with me on how the heavy metal mercury skews hormone production and balance

Is Your Lipstick A Health Risk?

Prior research has raised some concerns over the presence of lead in lipstick, but the new study is the first to suggest that many popular lip products also contain lips redcadmium, chromium, aluminum and other metals — some at levels that may be harmful.

Andrea Channing Exposé: 90% of Americans Exposed to Anxiety Related Hormone Disruptors

Did you catch the Dateline episode yesterday? It was a great report. The producer Andrea Canning wanted to see how her daily behavior could affect the levels of bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates and triclosan in her urine.

Male Fish Feminization A Global Problem

Sound fishy you say? Not so – the amount of estrogen mimickers that are getting into the water streams is alarming and causing the feminization of male fish. Not just for estrogen in birth control – as we were told years ago – but now from a variety of products that we use on a daily basis. The biggest culprit is BPA in plastic. How many water bottles, food wrapping and even fishing equipment (plastic bob) are tossed into the water?