Is Depo Really a Quick and Easy Birth Control Option?

Holy Hormones Journal:  In this day and age we are all guilty of opting out for ‘quick and easy’. But what are the side effects?  I was looking for an article or a recent news post to coincide with my upcoming radio show with Holly Grigg-Spall on March 6. Holly is the author of Sweetening Continue Reading …

Darla Dumler: Emerging from Under the Staircase of Domestic Violence on Holy Hormones Honey! April 29

Under the Staircase: Hearing God’s Voice in the Darkness is a spiritually stirring memoir of one woman’s journey to find her self-worth despite the obstacles put in her path by her parents, her abusive husband of 13 years, and herself.

Female Mystique: The Three Phases of Eve©

Women’s hormone cycles are not just a cyclical pain; they are our integral link to all the other cycles in life. Our cycles are so much more than hormones “raging” through our bodies. Your hormone cycle earns you the right to be a healer, a spiritualist, and a wise woman, respected by all. Living with your cycle instead of against it or denying it – gives you the freedom to “be”; to laugh, to cry, to change your mind, your career, your relationship or lifestyle and to know the reason why!

Jennifer Boire: The Tao of Turning Fifty- on Holy Hormones Honey! April 8

Wondering where you left your libido? Feel like you’re going crazy trying to find it? Jennifer Boire author of The Tao of Turning Fifty, What Every Woman in her Forties Needs to Know has the answer. Join Leslie Carol Botha on Monday April 8 when she interviews Boire on her book, and her work with women in the midst of a mid-life crisis. Holy Hormones Honey! audio streamed only on KRFC FM Fort Collins 6 to 7 pm MST.

HorMoon Awareness Guide™ for Menstrual Cycle/Emotion Awareness

I created a HorMoon Awareness Guide to help women understand the significance of their menstrual cycle in relation to the lunar cycle. Of course, the menstrual cycle does not always follow the lunar cycle – but this guide will help you understand your emotions in relation to the phases of the cycle.

Preethi Burkholder: 17 Women Who Shook the World on Holy Hormones Honey! March 18

Monday night’s interview with Preethi Burkholder was informative and enlightening and is now posted. What a delight. 17 Women Who Shook the World is a book that should be read by every young woman. Inspirational.

Amy’s House Founder, Loren Fardulis on Restorative Care for Sex Trafficked Girls – Holy Hormones Honey! Feb. 18

The interview with Kairos Youth Home and Family Services founders, Loren Fardulis and Bill Cremen is now posted. Their goal is to break the cycle of sex trafficking by providing restorative care and empowering the young victims caught up in this hideous crime.

Poet- Susan Polis Schutz & Olympic Champion- Bonnie St. John – Following Dreams & Loving It! on Holy Hormones Honey! September 24

Join Leslie Carol Botha, Monday, September 24 on Holy Hormones Honey! when she interviews the legendary Susan Polis Schutz, American poet, producer and owner of Blue Mountain Arts greeting cards, and Bonnie St. John – an Olympic Ski Champion with one leg.

Barry Goldstein & Stacy Lynne Discuss Custody-Visitation Scandal Cases on Holy Hormones Honey! July 16

Join Leslie Carol Botha on Monday July 16, on Holy Hormones Honey! when she interviews former attorney, advocate for domestic violence victims and author, Barry Goldstein, and local resident, Stacy Lynne – a victim of a custody-visitation- scandal case in Larimer County, CO. The show will be audio streamed on KRFC FM –
from 6 to 7 pm MDT.

Leslie Carol Botha’s Interview on Menstrual Health – Cycles of Change Radio Show

“The Cycles of Change” Radio Show – Talks and Interviews with Interesting Personalities on the Changing World of Universal Rhythms.