PMDD not in our heads but in cellular response to sex hormones

  Holy Hormones Journal: Well what a way to start the New Year – with news that women have been dying (yes, literally) to hear – that PMS and PMDD are not in their heads – but in their cellular response to their sex hormones – estrogen and progesterone. But is this really good news? Continue Reading …

PMDD and the Power of Menstruation

Holy Hormones Journal: Every now and then an interesting read synchronistically comes across my desk. I was beginning to follow what was going on with the Dakota Access Pipeline and the gathering of the tribes in protest of the government placing a pipeline on sacred lands without permission. I am sure you have heard of Continue Reading …

Why is PMS so Misunderstood?

    Holy Hormones Journal: Just came across this article – and even though it is a year old – it is still poignant and true. Do not be swayed by the 5 to 8% of women have who experience PMDD – 5 to 8% of millions of women is a significant number. And for Continue Reading …

Lizette: Coping with PMDD AND the Holidays on Nov 29

  What a powerful and provocative interview. My guest Lizette was brutally and lovingly honest about living with PMDD. As I mentioned during the interview – in all my years (and they are adding up fast) of “preaching” about the importance of living with the menstrual cycle to prevent physical, mental and emotional issues – Continue Reading …

Lawmaker Proposes Paid Confinement During Menstruation

Menstruation Now a Social AND Medical Problem – Holy Hormones Journal: Although the feminist in me wants to rage at the proposed law put forth by a Russian lawmaker to give the ‘fair sex’ suffering from hormone imbalance and menstrual discomfort – paid time off because they are less productive at work – all I Continue Reading …

DSM-5 Places Vulnerable Women in Chemical Straitjackets

Holy Hormones Journal: Jane Ussher has penned a brilliant article on the myth of women and madness – enforced by psychiatry’s bible – the  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM-5). When one starts looking at the history of women and ‘madness/mental illness’ it is distressing at best.  Thousands of women have disappeared over Continue Reading …

Going Mad in America: Linking Nutrition to Mental Health

As research psychologists who have spent years studying nutrition in relation to mental health, behaviour, and brain development, we know how beneficial nutrition can be for some people tackling mental health problems.

1999 Study: Nutrient Deficiency Linked to PMS

Leslie Carol Botha: First we find out that synthetic hormones are linked to breast cancer and mortality AND then we find out that PMS – premenstrual syndrome is linked nutrient deficiency. And how many years have women been subjected to the “Take Two Valium and Go Home Honey, Syndrome?” Now young mothers are encouraged to go on Xanax to be better mommies. Is anyone else furious?

‘Natural Urban Mama’ – Poster Child for Mirena? Not!

Three and a half years ago, after Princess L was born and we were pretty darn sure that we did not want anymore babies, this seemed like a really great birth control option. Easy office appointment to have it put in place, minimal side effects (more on this in a bit), safe to use while breastfeeding and no need to even THINK about having an oops baby for at least 5 years. What was not to like about it?

Melatonin Imbalance Related to PMS & PMDD

A new study by Douglas Mental Health University Institute researchers shows altered body rhythms of the hormone melatonin in Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) women with insomnia.