The Weeping, Wandering Uterus

Holy Hormones Journal:  How would any woman feel if the process of menstruation was described this way -the lining in the uterus “… is cast away, leaving behind a ragged wreck of tissue, torn glands, ruptured vessels, jagged edges of stroma, and masses of blood corpuscles, which it would seem hardly possible to heal satisfactorily Continue Reading …

Double-Edged Sword “Reproductive Revolution” Empowering Girls Globally

Holy Hormones Journal: I so believe in empowering girls about their reproductive health. And at first reading – I was applauding this new reproductive revolution.  Educating girls and women and providing access to contraception as well as access to femcare products is crucial in reducing fertility rates.  But when I read that the girls were Continue Reading …

Virginia Johnson – Pioneer of the Female Orgasm Dies

Holy Hormones Journal: Virginia Johnson was a true pioneer – and along with Dr. William Masters she helped to revolutionize America’s understanding of human sexuality. What I loved reading about this woman’s story is that she was a lay woman. I mean what male doctor or researcher would ever admit that women were capable of Continue Reading …

Empowering Education about Sexual Health & Sexuality Unavailable to Young People

Holy Hormones Journal: It is about time an article like this gets published to bring attention to the fact that we are doing such a disservice to adolescents and teens about their sexual health.  Especially in this country where we have so politicized the topic that we are in denial that our kids are having Continue Reading …

Skyla: The Latest IUD Targeted to Teens – Is it Worth the Risk?

Holy Hormones Journal – Synthetic hormones are bad for your health.  Period.  Synthetic hormone contraception is a risk to your health. Period. The Mirena IUD has posed many health problems to young women.  Will the Skyla IUD do the same? I am so grateful to my father who passed recently from Alzheimer’s when he shared Continue Reading …

Birth Control Pills – Symbol of Liberation and Freedom or Pathway to Insanity?

The pill came out more than 50 years ago, and at the time, it was a symbol of liberation and freedom for women. Suddenly, they no longer had to worry about unplanned pregnancy. It was great. But now that 50-year-old technology is starting to lose much of the appeal it once had.

Household Chemicals Causing Increase in Cancer, Obesity & Infertility

Chemicals found in household products may be causing significant increases in cancers, diabetes, obesity and falling fertility, the European Environment Agency has warned.

Empower Teens with Education about Fertility

Teen girls are getting pregnant, in part, because they don’t understand their menstrual cycles. It’s time for sexual health educators to step up and teach girls the primary sign of fertility.

Surrogacy is “reproductive prostitution”, says Dutch expert

Once again Dutch legislators are organising a legal work-around for a procedure which is clearly illegal in the Netherlands. This time the issue is commercial surrogacy. The Deputy Justice Minister, Fred Teeven, is concerned that more and more Dutch women are seeking surrogate mothers abroad because fulfilling the conditions for legal surrogacy is quite onerous. The surrogate mother must be a family member, must work for free, and must not want any more children herself.

Increase Your Fertility by Decreasing Your Exposure to Chemicals

With rates of infertility on the rise and testosterone levels in decline, we may need to factor in chemical exposures to the future of our love lives. Infertility affects one in eight couples in the United States—that’s 7.3 million people who have trouble with pregnancy, according to the CDC. And although it was once thought that infertility was a “female problem,” medical evidence shows that infertility is an equal opportunity problem: One-third of infertility is attributed to the female, one-third to the male and one-third to combined factors from both male and female.