Gloria Steinem – Making Menstruation Matter

Holy Hormones Journal July 26, 2013 I was privileged and honored to attend the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research Conference in NYC. earlier this summer. The conference was held at Marymount Manhattan College – in downtown. It has been years since I had been back in the city – and I enjoyed it immensely. Over Continue Reading …

Why Aren’t We Talking to Girls About Their Periods – Before they Menstruate?

Holy Hormones Journal – Why aren’t we talking to girls about what to expect about getting their periods – before they start to menstruate?  We can no longer buy into the shaming of young girls about their bodies, and the fact they menstruate.  We can’t ignore teaching them how their hormones affect their behaviors. All Continue Reading …

Women and Menstruation – Falling Down the Snake Hole

Archaic views of menstruation and how women are perceived keep us victimized and sexualized. Menstruation is where our power lies. That is what we need to remember.

Menstrual Cycle Used to Justify Discrimination against Women and Girls

The Menstrual Cycle is one of the most important biological differences between females and males, one that has been used – in many contexts — to justify discrimination against women and girls. Thus, the more clearly we understand the biological and social significance of the menstrual cycle for both women and men, the better we understand the fundamental arrangements of human society.

Recovering from Depo-Provera: Withdrawal Symptoms Explained

This post aims to briefly explain how Depo Provera works to prevent pregnancy, its common side effects and, most importantly, why and what to do about adverse experiences when stopping it.

Birth Control Pills – Symbol of Liberation and Freedom or Pathway to Insanity?

The pill came out more than 50 years ago, and at the time, it was a symbol of liberation and freedom for women. Suddenly, they no longer had to worry about unplanned pregnancy. It was great. But now that 50-year-old technology is starting to lose much of the appeal it once had.

Women to be injected, implanted and inserted with LARCs

SMCR member and menstrual health advocate, Laura Wershler has written a brilliant exposé on the new movement in birth control: LARCs – long-acting reversible contraceptives filled with synthetic hormones dripping into women’s bloodstreams. We may think we have fought and won the struggle for the right to birth control…. but it appears to many that forcing women into these types of contraceptives takes their choices away – placing them in the hands of physicians…

Am I late? Again?

Have you ever been concerned because your period was late? I know I have. But I’m not anymore! And you don’t have to be either! And since I’m sure you’d rather not spend several days every month nervously pacing and counting dates backwards on your hands while glaring at the general vicinity where you guess your uterus is, I’ll tell you how

Hormone Imbalance – The Silent Epidemic – Women Speak Out

This is an insidious ‘War on Women’. On the one hand we have had to fight for our reproductive rights and the availability of birth control – on the other hand it is the same birth control that is slowly killing us.

Gloria Steinem to Receive 1st ‘Making Menstruation Matter’ Award

The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research conference planning committee is pleased to announce that Gloria Steinem has been chosen to receive the first Making Menstruation Matter Award.