Rise in syphilis and gonorrhea primes pump for STD vaccines

  Holy Hormones Journal: How do you measure the state of health of our nation? One way is by measuring the the increasing in sexually transmitted diseases. There are some who say that STD’s are the least of our concern – with all the the retroviruses, bacteria and other foreign toxins and parasites being passed Continue Reading …

Experts Say IUDs Don’t Cause PID

What we do know is that IUDs cause a ‘mild’ infection in the uterus. Coupled with that today’s IUDs are dripping synthetic hormones into the body in addition to the mild infection. Add in a nutrient depleted hormonally imbalanced body – an at risk immune system – and to me that spells risk of PID.

Letter to Editor Explains Why Guyanese Should Reject Gardasil

All Guyanese must reject Gardasil, whether or not it is being offered in vaccine or oral form.

Teens Still Having Risky Sex According to CDC

CDC is slamming unmarried women and teens over risky sex and unintended pregnancies. Where are the men in this conversation? Am wondering which Pharma company sponsored this study. The ones who want every teen to get the HPV vaccines, Gardasil or Cervarix – or the ones who want to inject or implant synthetic hormones into every teen girl – even if she is not having sex.

First Gender Inequality – Now Vaccination Inequality?

The home of the Gators says it wants to use a $150,000 grant from the Society of Adolescent Health and Medicine to increase the vaccination rate of the human papillomavirus among young girls.

MedPage Today Says Days of Free Sex are Back – Spins Study in Infectious Disease News

Women who use oral contraceptives do not appear to have any increased risk of acquiring HIV, researchers said here. But, depending on the types of statistical analyses employed, there was a 37% increased risk of HIV acquisition with injected hormonal contraceptives, McCoy told MedPage Today during the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections.

Condoms Suck – Time to Stop Having Sex or Re-Invent the Condom?

Here’s the dirty little secret of condoms: They actually were meant to suck. In 1877, a medical study of syphilis prevention described condoms as “the least bad system, and so much the better if a condom is more likely to inspire disgust than provoke desire. The number of couplings, and consequently of cases of [infection], will thereby be reduced.” In other words, if condoms suck badly enough, maybe people will get so turned off that they won’t have sex anymore.

‘I Have Riff-Raff In My Hoo Hoo’

DENVER — A new ad campaign is getting attention across the metro area, especially with one saying on the side of an RTD bus: “I Have Riff Raff In My Hoo Hoo.””What is, ‘I have riff-raff in my hoo hoo?'” asked 7NEWS reporter Marshall Zelinger.”It’s slang that is very — it resonates with the target group,” said Ellen Marshall, one of the masterminds behind Colorado Initiative to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy and beforeplay.org.

Teenage pregnancy prevention

Daily Independent

July 16, 2011

The reality in recent times that there is a rapid decline in the age at menarche, that is, age at which young girls see their menstruation as well as increased schooling among girls are two key events that have prolonged the period of adolescence.

Increased schooling in particular has made teenagers less dependent on parents and family, and has postponed the age at marriage, and thereby the age of socially sanctioned sexual relations.

New gonorrhoea strain resistant to all available antibiotics

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Could lead to global health emergency
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July 11, 2010

An international team of scientists has discovered a new strain of the sexually transmitted infection (STI) gonorrhoea that is resistant to all currently available antibiotics.