Judge Leanne Clare Rules on Historic Legal Decision Redefining Conception

Queensland District Court Judge Leanne Clare, SC, has made world legal history by ruling in a world first that conception is the act of becoming pregnant, not the act of fertilisation.

India’s Surrogate Baby Factory – Westerners Implant Embryos in Desperate Women

Above a cheap mobile phone shop in a chaotic street in north Delhi, there is a grimy apartment whose peeling walls are decorated with photographs of adoring mothers nursing their babies.
The woman cooing at her child in the biggest portrait is beautiful, white and affluent-looking — in stark contrast to the flat’s five residents, four of whom are pregnant, while the other is being pumped full of hormones in the hope she will soon conceive.

Surrogacy is “reproductive prostitution”, says Dutch expert

Once again Dutch legislators are organising a legal work-around for a procedure which is clearly illegal in the Netherlands. This time the issue is commercial surrogacy. The Deputy Justice Minister, Fred Teeven, is concerned that more and more Dutch women are seeking surrogate mothers abroad because fulfilling the conditions for legal surrogacy is quite onerous. The surrogate mother must be a family member, must work for free, and must not want any more children herself.