‘Can’t Afford Tuition? Sell an Organ!’ Says Scottish Academic

A high-level doctor is advocating that students be ‘allowed’ to pay for their education by selling their organs.

Gaia Health
by Heidi Stevenson

3 August 2011

If you thought that selling kidneys only happens in poverty-stricken nations, here’s a heads-up: It’s now being pushed here. A high-ranking UK doctor now advocates that students sell their organs to pay for tuition. Lest it seem like a bit of a joke, note that the publisher is the so-called “prestigious” British Medical Journal!

This is disturbing enough, but the role she has played in making ethics determinations in the UK’s medical system is downright frightening. Sue Rabbitt Roff is currently a senior research fellow with the Dundee University Medical School. She is on the Investigation Committee and Registration Decision Panels for the General Medical Council of the UK. For those outside the UK, this is the same agency that took Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s license to practice medicine—and the panels Roff serves on make the decisions on whether to revoke licenses.

And it gets even worse! Roff is on the Regulation and Compliance Board of the Institute of Chartered Tayside Local Research Ethics Committee, where her area of interest is the ethics of human subject research with particular reference to organ transplantation

So, a key arbiter of medical ethics and a decision-maker in who may or may not practice in the UK has written for the most prestigious medical journal in the UK saying that students should be “allowed” to donate organs to pay for tuition.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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