International Coalition of Advocates for the People

What Is The International Coalition of Advocates for the People?

Cynthia Janak, Research Journalist, Founder and President of an international organization called the International Coalition of Advocates for the People.

Our main goal is to make positive change happen that will benefit all people.  Everyone one involved with this organization wants positive change.  These positive people are just like you, an ordinary person ready and willing to do something extra ordinary.

We have all come out of our comfort zone and see the big picture and that is positive change for positive people.

We are presently addressing an issue that involves the health and well being of every young girl and young women in the world.  This is in regards to the HPV vaccines.  With international collaboration we brought together information about these two vaccines and distributed a detailed paper to the 13 scientists that advise the EU but to other concerned parties such as the Minister of Health for Germany.

We are seeing good responses coming from England, Scotland and the Netherlands in regards to efforts being made to suspend these vaccines pending further safety studies, etc.  Since the distribution of this paper and a second paper to these scientists and other concerned parties we are now seeing an upsurge in responses from other countries around the world.

We have been written about in The Scotsman.  This is what they wrote.  “The International Coalition of Advocates for the People (ICAP) – a group raising concerns of the safety and efficacy of Cervarix and its rival, Gardasil, to health ministers and researchers worldwide – want a thorough investigation into the vaccine.  The organization successfully lobbied the health minister and medical experts in Germany. Now the country’s Federal Joint Committee, which decides on the formula for the country’s social insurance system, has called for all recommendations on Cervarix and Gardasil to be revised and demanded a new report based on detailed evidence.”

I C A P added: “We believe the health and welfare of young people is of paramount importance and would welcome a delay in the Cervarix vaccination programme until all avenues are thoroughly investigated.” This last statement was made by our Advocates in the United Kingdom.

Presently, in the US we have started to organize groups in every state to bring this information to our legislators in order to suspend this vaccination.   We are positive people who want positive change for all the people.  We may be few presently but we are adding new people every day.

There are so many issues that involve the health and wellbeing, the environment, new technologies that need to be further utilized, etc. that need to be addressed in the near future.

With our exponential growth it is going to require that in the near future that I travel and because of this I will need to hire staff to keep up with the phone calls, etc.

If you could donate just $5 that will help us immensely.  We are a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization.  Help the positive people of this coalition help you.

Thank you.

Cynthia Janak
Research Journalist
Founder & President
International Coalition of Advocates for the People


Author: H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik

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