Autism Figures – Existing Studies Show Shocking Real Increase Since 1988

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Posted on August 19, 2011 by childhealthsafety

In case you come up against the argument that the increase in autistic cases is only because the diagnostic criteria were broadened in the early 1990′s [in DSM IV] here is information published in the Journal of the Israeli Medical Association which you can use to show a benchmark was established for the position pre 1989 using the very same modern criteria claimed by some diehards to be solely responsible for  the increase: Time Trends In Autism IMAJ Nov 2010:12,711.

The particularly shocking aspect is that the Paternal Age paper cited below shows that conditions like Asperger’s syndrome practically did not exist pre 1989 such that predominantly all the cases were of autism.  It has pretty much sprung from nowhere to be the front runner.

And of course one must not forget the information found in this CHS post Vaccination Causes Autism – Say US Government & Merck’s Director of Vaccines Posted on June 30, 2010.

And especially not this information in this PDF Download – Text of May 5th 2008 email from US HRSA to Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News].  In it the US Health Resources Services Administration [HRSA] state to CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson:

We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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