Linking Endocrine Disruptors to Autism

Holy Hormones Journal: We have done the unthinkable. We have poisoned our planet and our bodies. Our children’s neurological health is at risk. Our health is at risk. There are so many chemicals in our homes and we breathe in the fumes constantly. Especially during the long winter months… and this year because of all of the rain – the long summer months.

And how well do these chemicals interact with each other? Where are the studies… oh, that is right – we are the studies… our children at the results.

Autistic Features Associated With Prenatal Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors

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March 07, 2015 SAN DIEGO — Exposure during pregnancy to a combination of fire retardant chemicals and phthalate chemicals, which are present in the average home, may 07.16.15 pregnantwomangroceryshoppin_707064contribute to autistic-like behaviors in offspring, according to a Canadian study presented at ENDO 2015.

The research only involved animal models but it points to potentially preventable causes of autism. Today, autism remains a diagnosis with enormous social costs and limited solutions. In addition, the rates appear to be steadily rising in North America.

“Our study is the first to evaluate the combined effect of two very common groups of endocrine disruptors, at doses relevant to human exposure, on the behavior of developing mammals concerning autistic features,” said lead study author Stephanie Degroote, MSc, a PhD student at the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada.

“The clinical implications are major because these findings identify preventable risk factors for one of the major public health concerns for which we have no prevention and no cure. The exploding prevalence of autism over the years as well as the high sex ratio (5 boys for 1 girl) point to an important role of the environment, and according to our findings, to endocrine disruptors.”

Phthalates and brominated fire retardants are known endocrine disruptors. Degroote said the findings from her study show that it may be important to now consider the combined effect of these numerous substances, even when present at low doses that are considered safe for each of the chemicals.

Past studies have suggested that exposure in the womb to either phthalates or flame retardants can affect mental and motor development and can provoke attention deficit. However, pregnant women are likely to come into contact with both chemicals simultaneously. They are common additives in many household plastic products, and flame retardants are on most furniture foam cushions.

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