Autoimmune – Overactive Immune System

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An autoimmune disease is different in that the immune system is attacking “self” – parts of you. It’s an immune system gone awry.

Fast Facts

  • The immune system can go awry and attack parts of you, any part of you. For example in multiple sclerosis the immune system is attacking the myelin sheath. In rheumatoid arthritis the immune system is attacking the synovial membrane between the joints. The immune system can attack any organ or any system. Autoimmune diseases are the fourth leading cause of disability among women. About 75% on average of autoimmune diseases occur in women.

  • Any part of the immune system can be defective. Multiple areas have been implicated by researchers: for example, inactivity of T suppressor cells, imbalance in the Th1 and Th2 profile (T cells), infections (physicians have noticed autoimmune disease following infections), and mimicry (the immune system mistaking “you” for something else).
  • Genetic inheritance is not the central determinant for autoimmune disease for most people according to authorities.
More Information
An autoimmune disease is different in that the immune system is attacking “self” – parts of you. It’s an immune system gone awry.

There’s no organ or bodily system excluded from potential attack. “Your finest weapon can become your greatest enemy. Like any other part of the body, defects can arise in the immune system.

Autoimmunity can be caused by defects in almost any part of the immune process…. In most European countries and the USA, it is realistic to say that at least 5% of the population (1 in 20) will suffer from a self-destructive autoimmune disease during their lifetime.” Dr. John Morrow. Dr. David Isenberg Friendly Fire: Explaining Autoimmune Disease

Some examples of overactive or autoimmune dysfunction are:
Lupus (considered a classic autoimmune disease)
Multiple Sclerosis
Autoimmune Hepatitus

For an autoimmune disease list as compiled by the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association (63) click here

Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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