Do we live in a blame the parent culture? Vaccines vs. SBS

American Chronicle

By Christina England
May 24, 2009

In the USA at the end of last year premature twins were born, one of which was very weak and ill with many health problems. For days his little life hung in the balance as he fought off one infection after another, through problems in the womb he had very poor weight gain and continued with poor feeding problems. Despite these problems however, not only was he given a huge cocktail of drugs but also his 1st Hepatitis B shot. Due to anaemia he was given a blood transfusion and his condition remained critical. Within days despite bloody stools and still losing weight, the 2nd Hep B shot was given and a day later he was discharged. Within just 10 mins of being home he stopped breathing. He was rushed back to the hospital but because he was crying and seemed fine the doctor advised that in premature babies it was normal to have periodic breathing and again discharged this baby.

Fourteen days later this baby who was still poorly and weak was given the 5 in 1 vaccine, which included the DTAP. Fifteen days later his mother called 911 as ********* had stopped breathing, this was 15 days after his last vaccine and 5 days after taking him into urgent care at the paediatric clinic because of poor feeding and low weight gain. Despite all efforts including giving him sodium bicarbonate and CPR he was pronounced brain dead just days later.

This little boy died of bleeding to the brain which was said to be consistent with SBS.

Of course there are many factors that could have caused this baby to die. He was a very sick little boy with a family medical history that may have made him vulnerable. However, the question is, did the multiple vaccines play a vital part in the death of this little boy? His father feels that they did. He feels that this little baby was given too many vaccines at a time when his little body just couldn’t cope.

This story does not stop here, if it did this story would be tragic enough but ********’s Mum and Dad have been accused of SBS which is a medical theory that explains a form of child abuse when an infant is shaken violently by their caretaker, creating a whip-lash motion that results in severe brain damage which can lead to a lifelong disability or death . The medical professionals advised that other twin was to be taken into care for his own safety. His father has said to me:-

“I apologize for rambling. My thoughts haven’t been clear and I have become so nervous since this whole tragedy started….What is sad is ******* passed away and our best case scenario remains that he has passed away. I think there is malpractice involved here and the only thing that has prevented me from a lawsuit is what would you ever sue for? If I were given every piece of money and gold in the world it could never repay me…The only reason I have ever thought of suing is as a means to have medical and legal assistance and the thought of creating a foundation in ******** name that ALL proceeds would go to defend innocent parents or the study of vaccines on premature children. Again I apologize for my verbiage and diction and for the rambling. I haven’t been the same the last 3 months….”

On another email he said:-

“I am not not sure if Shaken Baby Syndrome exists or not. A lot of literature and studies I have read indicate it doesn’t. I know in our situation it does not exist in our son passing away 3 months ago”

I have read the medical records in detail. In my opinion and I am not a medical professional this case shows a catalogue of possible medical errors which led to severe medical negligence, on top of this negligence multiple vaccines were administered to an already weak and vulnerable baby at a time where his body could not cope many studies and papers back my opinions.

To blame these parents for the death of this baby is not only a tragedy but downright disgraceful. This hospital should have a full inquiry and investigation into the death of this infant, as I feel the blame lies with them.

Slowly however the truth begins to come forward on the issue of vaccination deaths in premature and ill babies.

The Journal of Paediatrics has published a study showing that in a randomized trial of newborns given -DTaP, HIB, polio [IPV], Hep B and Prevnar vaccines major adverse events occurred.


1. In 85% of the children an abnormal plasma elevation of CPR (a marker protein which indicates a heightened state of inflammation in the body).

2. The inflammation presented by the elevated CPR leads to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), where the child suffocates.

3. 70% of the newborns given only one vaccine showed substantive increases in CPR.

4. 16% of all of the newborns had cardio respiratory events (stopped breathing) within 48 hours of the vaccination.

5. Severe intra-ventricular haemorrhage (bleeding in the brain) was found in infants who received multiple vaccines.”

Watch the video of a landmark case where a family proved that vaccines caused severe brain damage to their little boy Ben Zeller

In a paper by Viera Schieibner called Shaken Baby Syndrome diagnoses on Shaky Ground in 2001 she writes:-

“An epidemic of accusations against parents and baby sitters of Shaken Baby Syndrome is sweeping the developed world. The United States and the United Kingdom are in the forefront of such questionable practice. Brain (mainly subdural, less often subarachnoid) and retinal haemorrhages, retinal detachments, and rib and other bone ‘fractures’ are considered pathognomic. However, the reality of these injuries is very different and well documented: the vast majority occur after the administration of childhood vaccines and a minority of cases are due to documented birth injuries and pre-eclamptic and eclamptic states of the mothers.”



Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.