Hannah Poling Vaccine Autism – re-visited:

Curiously, Gardasil vaccine paralysis, Influenza vaccine Gulf war syndrome (and renal failure) and vaccine autism (with no mitochondrial disorder) ALL show the same post vaccine MASS ischemia brain damages as Hannah Poling does including repeat vaccine Alzheimer’s dementia – MASS Disorders. MASS Scales. MASS Vaccines.

Tolerance Lost

by Andrew Moulden
January 16, 2010

Hannah Poling’s landmark vaccine injury case in the United States federal Circuit courts led to a concession by the US Govt. HHSC (Human & Health Services Commission) in that the Govt. admitted that Hannah’s childhood vaccines caused her autism. However, this ruling came with a caveat as the Govt. would not admit vaccines cause autism, only that Hannah was a special case since she had  a predisposing medical condition (a mitochondrial disorder – mitochondria are the “lungs” to every cell in your body) which contributed to her having an adverse reaction (autism) from the childhood vaccines.

Please look at the images in this post carefully (and the video sequences).moulden1

Hannah Poling exhibits the EXACT same cranial nerve MASS brain ischemic palsies (e.g. 6thcranialnerve- left eye deviates inward on gaze transitions) as do individuals with Gardasilvaccineinduced paralysis (and death), as well as influenza vaccine induced Gulf war syndrome (and renal failure) as well as influenza vaccine induced dementia of the Alzheimer type and much much more….

(this article and post is under construction – please check back for the rest of the story…coming soon..including a short video clip -that will “Pop your eyes”..figuratively, and literally..as all vaccines do).



Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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