Holly Grigg-Spall Questions the Breast Cancer Vaccine

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Thank you Holly Grigg-Spall author of, Sweetening the Pill of how We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control for a brilliant article.
Holly makes an excellent point when she says the development of the vaccine is two-fold – the ‘development of yet another vaccine’ – targeted to women regarding an area of their body they know little about and a disease that causes a great deal of fear. This is how Gardasil the HPV vaccine was created. Merck was given a Pharma award for creating a market out of thin air. Anyone hear of HPV before Gardasil?

And now a breast cancer vaccine to prevent this disease? That is the second -fold. If I had to pick Door #1 (development of a vaccine) or Door#2  (prevent disease from spreading) I would choose #1 any day of the week.

And yes, this vaccine will have its drawbacks – the first being that the long-term side effects will only be known after the vaccine is given to women. What are the adjuvants and preservatives in the vaccine? That is another important question.

I concur with Holly – is it really better to opt out with a ‘fix’ rather than explore the cause of breast cancer? Or maybe they have realized by know that the air, water and food sources have become so toxic from estrogen mimickers and BPA – that there is no ‘fixin’ the cause.

Not so. Nutrition and detox. Key words. Even more key for the future.

Speaking of what is going on with women’s bodies – Pediatricians are now ‘urging’ IUDs or hormonal implants for teen girls who have sex.

This reminds me of the abortion debate and those who believe that the life of the fetus has more rights than the woman carrying the pregnancy. Along the same line – the message is coming down the pike that synthetic hormones are ‘safer’ than pregnancy. What about the health of the sexually-active girl who is being placed on these methods. She has had sex (shame) now her doctor and parent’s know. She is inserted or implanted with devices she has no control of in her body – and she has no say in their being taken out. Probably not until she is married and ready to have kids.

What is the ‘moral’ message here?  A young girl has sex – or more likely is forced to have sex and then she is ‘punished’ when she goes to the doctor? Who will listen to her if she is miserable with these synthetic hormones. How will they affect her future fertility? Why are not boys ‘punished’ for forcing girls to have sex? Oh, yeah, right – boys’ will be boys.

What about STD’s – is a pregnancy worse than a sexually transmitted infection that might render the girl sterile? Oh no, there are vaccines to protect her against that. Pregnancies no longer kill – STD’s can and do.

BTW – the maker of the hormonal implants is the same manufacturer that brought you Gardasil – the HPV vaccine that does maim and kill innocent girls.

Oh the webs we weave.

Is A Breast Cancer Vaccine What We Really Need?

Lady Clever

Holly Grigg-Spall

SOMETIMES you have to take matters into your own hands. 

We could have a breast cancer vaccine by 2020, if the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s Artemis Project makes good on its goals. The advocacy group went directly to research scientists to ask that they work together for funds to be channeled towards prevention as much as cure.

pink breast cancer vaccine

Their focus is two-fold — the development of a vaccine plus prevention of the spreading of cancer in those with the disease. Impatient with the current process of research into the second-leading cause of death amongst women, the organization has said “hope is not enough” and that they need a “commitment” from scientists to end

Former Good Morning America presenter Joan Lunden appeared on the cover of ‘People’ magazine last week after shaving her head in preparation for treatment for breast cancer. This kind of normalization of cancer has its positives and negatives. Increased awareness and support through coverage such as this and TV shows like The Big C and FOX’s newest dramedy Teh Red Band Society is, of course, helpful. However, what does it mean that we have come to accept the disease as an unavoidable part of our lives?

The World Health Organization reported that by 2020 (by which time the vaccine is supposed to have been created), we will see a 50% increase in cases of cancer, in large part due to a surge in unhealthy lifestyles globally.

The Artemis Project’s plan is likely inspired by the proliferation of Gardasil, the vaccine against HPV, a virus known to cause cervical cancer. In the case of this vaccine, the receiver is inoculated against certain strains that can progress to cancerous states. It is rarely mentioned that a healthy young woman’s body will often eradicate HPV already present, naturally. A weakened immune system caused by poor lifestyle choices, stress, serious illness, and the impact of some drugs — including steroids like hormonal contraception — will increase the possibility that a woman’s body will be unable to combat HPV and stop it from developing into cervical cancer cells.


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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.