Autoimmune Encephalitis – 75% Effected are Girls – Is this Gardasil? Is Microcephaly a Next Gen Side Effect?

Holy Hormones Journal –  I think I might have posted about autoimmune encephalitis and related it to Gardasil when the article first came out in 2013. However, it made an appearance Gardasil shot in armagain on Facebook – and I thought – you know this is even more relevant now. I bookmarked the URL to look at again today – and started reading the article and realized it was extremely relevant.

I have been thinking about the growing number of people who are expressing their emotions either through extreme rage or severe depression. Many of the people I am referring to I know and care about deeply. I also wrote about extreme rage in a blog post on Pharma Rape and consent. And of course, we saw another mass killing in Wichita, KS at the end of February. Is anyone else concerned about the amount of rage that is being expressed – even on the political forefront?

And then there is Gardasil, the HPV vaccine. We know that autoimmune encephalitis is one of the side effects of this dangerous and deadly vaccination. Susannah Cahalan wrote about the medical mystery of her month of madness in her book Brain on Fire. Although the HPV vaccine is never mentioned – those of who familiar with the side effects and mechanisms of action read through the book – and said this is Gardasil – related. (Conjecture not fact and could not get it verified by the author.) But so many of the girls who have had traumatic reactions have had similar experiences.

I am sure this is what I blogged about 3 years ago.

However, there is now another element to this story – as you have surmised by my title.  Microcephaly – is this a next generation side effect of a demographic of girls who were vaccinated and who developed autoimmune encephalitis – or may have the disorder to some extent and may be undiagnosed?

How can I make such a connection? Conjecture again. But let’s take a look at a few facts. in doing a quick search for microcephaly rates in the world, I came across Statistics by Country for Microcephaly by Right Diagnosis Health Grades. The first thing that shocked me was the table of countries – and in the “Extrapolated Incidence” column every country in South America and around the world including the U.K. have a red “Warning” posted with the disclaimer that the data is an extrapolation and should be be construed as such. The Unites States is the exception. I then looked for the date of publication – and saw at the bottom it was from 2004.

U.S. has highest rate of microcephaly than any other country in the world (440 cases)? My assumption is that is an annual “extrapolation.”

Also noted that the information was posted two years before Gardasil was released on the market. Conjecture? Coincidence?

Renowned journalist, Jon Rappaport exposed the rise in the number of microcephaly cases in the US in a recent blog – Busted: 25,000 cases of microcephaly in the US per year

“Practice Parameter: Evaluation of the child with microcephaly (an evidence-based review)”; Neurology 2009 Sep 15; 73(11) 887-897; Report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology and the Practice Committee of the Child Neurology Society.

“Microcephaly may result from any insult that disturbs early brain growth…Annually, approximately 25,000 infants in the United States will be diagnosed with microcephaly head circumference <-2 SD)”

Where did this growth of the extrapolated data of 440 annually to tens of thousands come from? Yes, the combination of a heavier vaccine schedule and declining immunity which may lead to an increase in autoimmune encephalitis. But please note that the study was posted in 2009 – three years after Gardasil hit the market when perhaps the first of the older girls in the age 9 to 26 group were having children.

A couple of more points, dear readers and I will let you go to read the article and make your own conjectures –

The Huffington Post published an article on microcephaly on February 23. I missed it totally, but it was front and center today as I was researching microcephaly. Ready for the title?

A Conspiracy Theory Links The Gates Foundation To The Spread Of Zika Virus. Don’t Believe It.

Anytime one reads a headline like that – one must always question whether there is a conspiracy behind the conspiracy – right? Ok – so we can’t link GMO Zika virus back to Bill Gates. Well, it doesn’t stop me from my conjecture is the the rising rates in Brazil (post vaccination) – and in the U.S. of reported microcephaly may be the next generation mutation of a vaccine gone bad. Remember what happened to hundreds of girls in Colombia  – post HPV vaccination?  They called it mass hysteria – but we knew from the beginning that this as a major reaction to the vaccine.

Conjecture? Hell, no. The story was first reported by Associated Press Colombia and published in the South China Morning Post at the end of August 2014.

Let me conclude with yet one more piece of information recently reported by the US Associated Press and posted on

Colombia: Aborted fetus may have had microcephaly

“…diagnosis could not be confirmed because the fetus was thrown away before more conclusive tests could be performed.”

I rest my conjecture.

Autoimmune Encephalitis: The Brain Disease That Makes People Seem Crazy

Published March 5, 2013
SourceSouhel Najjar, MD

Woman with 'jigsaw-pieces' missing from face (Digital Composite)

Woman with ‘jigsaw-pieces’ missing from face (Digital Composite)

My former neighbor’s daughter, whom I’ll call “Ricki,” had it all—a great job, great little Manhattan apartment, great life. Only in her early 20s, she already had accomplished much in the fashion world.

But over the course of barely more than a month, all that blew up as Ricki developed increasingly weird and worrisome behaviors.

First, there were memory problems. She couldn’t recall simple things, such as where she normally kept her car keys or the names of her coworkers. The following week, her speech slowed, her body felt numb and her movements became awkward. Soon after, Ricki began hallucinating and a psychiatrist put her on medication.

A week later, she had a seizure and was hospitalized. A huge battery of tests, including a spinal tap and brain MRIs, revealed nothing except a little inflammation…doctors were stumped.

Then Ricki began having violent spells, leaping at nurses and orderlies. Said to be psychotic, she was transferred to a psychiatric hospital. And there she might have stayed for the rest of her life—if not for a stroke of luck.

Ricki’s father, a retired physician, did not believe that the daughter who had always been so sweet, smart and sane could have become, in a matter of weeks, seriously and irrevocably mentally ill. So he diligently researched her symptoms and discussed her condition with his doctor friends. Fortunately, one of the father’s colleagues suggested consulting Souhel Najjar, MD, a neurologist at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City.

Dr. Najjar gave the young woman a thorough examination, including a special blood test that revealed antibodies targeting certain receptors in the brain—and within days, he had made the diagnosis. Ricki was suffering from a rare autoimmune disorder called anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis.


Encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain, usually is the result of a viral infection, but it also can be caused by bacteria, fungi or parasites—or, as doctors now realize, by an autoimmune disorder.

In the case of anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, severe brain inflammation occurs when the immune system attacks special proteins on the surface of nerve cells in the brain called NMDA receptors. These receptors control various cognitive functions, mood, behavior and personality traits—so when they are compromised, the brain malfunctions.

The resulting symptoms include mood and personality changes, violent outbursts, paranoia, psychosis, memory loss, speech problems, numbness, seizures, involuntary movements, increased heart rate, irregular heart rhythm, slowed breathing and/or decreased levels of consciousness. Patients sometimes sink into an unresponsive catatonic state that may last for weeks. Some experts even suspect that anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis is the true cause underlying many cases of “demonic possession” described in the Bible!

This disease is largely unknown, having first been reported in the medical literature only six years ago. It typically strikes in early adulthood, but it has been diagnosed in children as young as one and in seniors as old as 85. It can strike both genders, though more than 75% of those affected are female.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.