Vaccine Damaged Girl Taken Into Custody by the State

[Leslie Carol Botha: According to Christina England, 10,000 children have been taken into care in Great Britain since April 2011 – how many children have been taken from their parent’s care in the U.S.? Where are these children? Who is taking care of them (ultimately the taxpayers, of course) but who are their care providers? The real question is how many of these children have been damaged by vaccines – and how many parent’s blamed?]

Child Paralyzed By Vaccinations And Stolen From Mother By State

by Christina England
April 13, 2012

**Names have been changed to protect the identity of this family. All quotes are mother’s exact words and it must be noted that her first language is not English.

Emma is a six year old little girl who is suffering from severe vaccine damage which has been verified by several leading experts. Emma is totally paralyzed and unable to move any part of her body. She cannot speak and breaths with the aid of a small tube inserted through a tiny incision in her windpipe called a tracheotomy.

Instead of the help and compensation her family should be receiving, Emma has been stolen by the state and spends her days in what her mother describes as a ‘dreadful institution for the disabled’. Instead of the support Emma’s mother needs to come to terms with what has happened to her daughter she has been accused of trying too hard to find answers and get the professional help that she believes her daughter needs. Ms X, Emma’s mother, is devastated and says that she did nothing wrong. She told me:

“I have a clean criminal record, I have no history of substance abuse of any kind, no rehab no nothing!! All I am guilty of is sometimes acting on fear my daughters time was running out.

I want her out of there NOW!!!

When I went to visit her, her skin stank, her stoma around her tracheotomy was bloody and dirty, she was in a tiny warm room with no fan or air conditioning, she is not allowed in a bath, she is not allowed to go out for walk, the staff don’t know a cough assist, which is terrible, as a cough assist is VITAL to her care, not knowing how to work this is unacceptable because if something happens and they don’t know, Emma could die!!!!! She has a cut on her neck after the nurses put a string on her skin with no sponge underneath resulting in this terrible cut!!!!!

It is really draconian how they have kidnapped her from me and now forbid me to see her.”

Sadly, Emma is just one out of a total of 10,000 children who have been taken into care in Great Britain since April 2011. Many of these children the Daily Mail (1) reported today, are part of the ever growing statistics in a worrying trend that is raising fears among professionals that large numbers of vulnerable children are being taken away from their families unnecessarily and left to languish in a care system that is failing them.

So how did a severely vaccine damaged child become part of these appalling statistics?

Emma’s Story Unfolds

Emma as a happy child.

Life was not always this bad for Emma and she did not start out her life disabled; in fact she used to be a normal, cheeky little girl who enjoyed toddling around and playing with her toys. Sadly however, despite being born a normal baby Emma was constantly ill, suffering from a weakened immune system resulting in persistent infections requiring antibiotics for weeks on end.

Ms X believes that Emma’s problems first began after she received her eight week routine vaccinations. Within hours of the vaccinations she became weak and feverish, refusing feeds. Worried, Ms X took Emma to the local hospital where doctors assured her that Emma had picked up a virus and would be fine. Not connecting the illness to the vaccinations, and blissfully unaware that this was only the beginning of her daughters problems, Ms X took her baby home.

As the months went by Ms X noticed that after each vaccination Emma became sick, however, convinced that by giving Emma her routine vaccinations she was doing the best that she could do for her child and on the advice given to her by her doctor, she continued to allow Emma to have the vaccinations. She said:

“It never occurred to me that her problems could be linked to the vaccinations. I had no one around to tell me about the possible side-effects of vaccines.”

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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