Karen Kain: ‘A Unique Life Fully Lived’ on Holy Hormones Honey! April 17

Karen’s endearing interview about her life with her vaccine-injured daughter, Lorrin is now posted. Karen shared her story – the shocking insult to injury she received from the Vaccine Compensation board, and her feelings of loss and loneliness. But in the end this amazing woman accepted and loved her daughter despite her limitations and in Lorrin’s short time on this planet – she lived a “Unique Life Full Lived.” Karen’s quest now is to educate and support other parents as they travel this road.

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Karen Kain: ‘A Unique Life Fully-Lived’
A Personal Journey of Love, Hope, and Courage
for her Vaccine-Injured Daughter April 17
Holy Hormones Honey!

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Lorrin was born in Newport Beach, California, March 15, 1994. At six weeks, Lorrin had an adverse reaction to her one and only DPT vaccination. The vaccine attacked her brain, leaving her with severe brain damage. The doctors never had hope for her future. A Unique Life Book Cover cropThey suggested her single-mother Karen get on with her life. Feeling abandoned by modern medicine, Karen turned to alternative treatments and spiritual guidance. Despite all of her best efforts, Lorrin continued to have horrible episodes of uncontrolled seizures that would land them in the hospital for days.

However, Karen spent every fiber of her being creating a life ‘as possibly’ normal for her only daughter. She enrolled her in regular schools, she had sleep overs with her girlfriends, she enrolled Lorrin in the Miss Teen Pasadena Pageant, and provided her with horseback riding lessons. Lorrin and Karen shared a deep soul connection and because of that, they were able to communicate innately with her school mates and all who came into her world.

Lorrin experienced a life as fully possible for her restricted environment; yet unlimited spiritual environment. And while Karen’s mission was successful; however short, her daughter Lorrin lived a life ‘fully’ and uniquely lived. To her very last breath, Lorrin was brave and showed a sense of humor and courage that was unmatched. And as witnessed by those who knew her, there is only love.


Karen Kain  – a parent of a medically fragile, vaccine-injured child named Lorrin for fifteen years – teaches Karen and Lorrin Beauty Pageantparents how to enjoy their children no matter their abilities. She shares how she bridged the gap from special needs to mainstream experiences in all arenas of life: best friends, slumber parties, concerts, camping, beauty pageants, Girl Scouts, school dances, musicals and endless travels. Karen is committed to helping children who are living a unique life experience by supporting their parents. In 1994 Lorrin was severely vaccine injured and at that time her world fell apart.  Life as she knew it was put “on hold” as she tried everything that she could to “heal” Lorrin and give her the best life possible. Karen was forced to over come massive rejection and isolation as she hurdled obstacles and adapted her life to find success as a parent of a unique child.

What she did not expect on this journey was that she herself would learn, grow and even heal from her experiences. Lorrin it turned out was always the teacher. She taught: life is full of magic, to love myself, not to pass judgment, to be present in the moment whether it be at the hospital or Disneyland, beauty comes from within, we are all one and each soul is important no matter their ability.

Lorrin was totally comfortable with who she was, even though she was cortically blind, nonverbal, and a quadriplegic who lived with uncontrolled seizures for her entire life. When Lorrin was 3, Karen made a pivotal choice to embrace Lorrin’s uniqueness and enjoy all areas of life, living without rules and boundaries.  Karen overcame life’s massive roadblocks as she raised Lorrin. Together they held their heads high as they paved the way to giving all parents permission to explore and enjoy life.  Karen found that the solution to winning in this life of parenting a unique child started with being committed to having a great attitude and perspective regardless of their situation. For more information visit: LorrinsWorld.com and KarenKain.com


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.

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