Media Release: Health Freedom Advocates Condemn WHO ‘Swine Flu Pandemic Level 6′ Vaccine Panic

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Health Freedom Advocates Condemn WHO “Swine Flu Pandemic Level 6” Vaccine Panic; Call for Laws to Protect the Right to Self-Quarantine (Self-Shield)

June 13, 2009 – Chiriqui, Panama – Natural Solutions Foundation President, Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine (USA Ret) condemned the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Declaration of June 11, 2009, stating:

“We are deeply concerned that WHO has set the so-called ‘Swine Flu Pandemic Level’ at ‘Level 6’ — the highest pandemic level in over 40 years. We are very suspicious of WHO’s recent actions in ‘changing the rules’ of what constitutes a pandemic to force the low pathogenicity, genetically manipulated ‘Swine Flu’ into the ‘pandemic’ category. Our concern is this rushes world governments into ill-conceived and potentially dangerous forced vaccination programs with what we consider a ‘weaponized’ pandemic vaccine for a non-life-threatening disease.

“In order to make this disease fit the definition of a global pandemic, WHO changed the definition from ‘a life-threatening disease which spreads between humans, and to which they have little or no immunity” to ‘a minor disease which spreads between humans, and to which they have little or no immunity’. Since the consequences of a declared Level 6 pandemic are primarily economic and political, we see this as a decision mediated by those considerations, not public health ones.

“Who benefits from this WHO action? The Drug industry and those who want to alter the nature of society profoundly so that they can continue to control it.”

The Foundation’s Medical Director, Rima E Laibow, MD, has overseen the issuing of a new White Paper on Self-Quarantine (also called ‘Self-Shielding’) as a reasonable alternative to the dangerous and unwise policy of a choice between mandated vaccinations or involuntary quarantine, as currently provided for in both Federal and State legislation.

The White Paper, entitled “Stay Home – Stay Alive: Your Right to Self-Quarantine” has been published on the Foundation’s Health Freedom Blog, the highest blog ranking on Google devoted to Health Freedom as our first freedom. It includes links to professional advice on preparing for pandemic conditions. The #hashtag for the White Paper is: #selfquarantine

The White Paper can be accessed as a public service at:

The right to self-shield is enshrined in the Common Law and in numerous International documents, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which asserts, “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home … Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference…”

Reacting to WHO’s unprecedented declaration, considering that the “Swine Flu” has infected less people world-wide than the ordinary annual flu kills in the United States alone, the Natural Solutions Foundation is leading a growing group of international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) – including the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) — which are seeking to educate decision makers and the public regarding the viability of self-shielding in the event of a true pandemic emergency.

Foundation Counsel, Ralph Fucetola JD, proposes a new Federal Statute that would, “In the event of a Pandemic Emergency, as defined by International, National, Regional, State or Local authorities, provide that nothing in federal law or regulation shall be interpreted by any agency of the United States, or any Court thereof, to forbid self-shielding or self-quarantine at home, nor shall any Federal funds, or materials, supplies, and support materials purchased with Federal Funds be expended to remove any person involuntarily from his or her home while self-shielding or under self-quarantine.”

He continued, “State and Federal laws that can force involuntary quarantine need to be amended to secure for people the right to quarantine or self-shield in their own homes, rather than government relocation centers, as that will be the safest place to be in the event of an actual pandemic.”

Dr. Laibow says about the practice of self-quarantine, “Self-shielding (or quarantine) during the early to late stages of a natural pandemic is a highly conservative, traditional medical response to infectious disease. This right is all the more important in the face of a manifestly manipulated ‘pandemic panic’ being used to ‘push’ dangerous vaccine shots. The threat of an uninsurable ‘weaponized’ vaccine should frighten the public into demanding immediate legislative protection for their right to self-quarantine and we call upon our legislative representatives to act forthwith to protect this important civil right.”

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Dr. Rima Laibow – will join me on KRFC FM on Aug. 6, 2009 – 6- to 7 pm MST. More information forthcoming.  Check the home page on this blog


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