Parents’ horror as they are told to test their infants for HIV after flu vaccine mix-up

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Last updated at 10:59 PM on 13th April 2011

The parents of children vaccinated at a Colorado clinic have been told to test their infants for HIV after a mix-up by a medical assistant.

Vaccine syringes were shared between children receiving their paediatric flu shot, the Med Peds Clinic of Fort Collins has revealed.

Now terrified parents are being told to test their children for blood-borne diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

The mix-up came after the medical assistant halved the amount of vaccine given to each child, assuming it was an adult dosage.

In fact it was a pre-measured amount suitable for children.

Because children are supposed to receive two doses of the vaccine, the assistant then removed the used needle from each syringe and replaced it with a sterile needle – but did not replace the syringe, still half full of vaccine.

Instead, the assistant stored the used syringes in a box marked ‘second doses’. that box also contained unused, fully-filled paediatric vaccines.

When the children, aged six to 35 months, returned to the clinic, some of the half-used vaccines were inadvertently used on them.

Med Peds revealed the chilling mistake in a letter to parents on April 6.

The medical assistant, who has not been identified, has been fired.

Parents reacted with fury to the distressing news.

‘Apparently, somebody wasn’t following policy and procedure and it puts infants in danger, so [I’m] not a big fan of them right now,’ Cary Bergeron, whose daughter was vaccinated at the clinic, told 9News.

‘She was born flawless. And now, by someone else’s mistake, something bad could happen.’

Med Peds said the first concern was for the children who did not receive the full vaccination.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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