Vaccine Against Swine Flu: A Cure Or An Injection Of Death!

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December 20, 2009

Ennahar / Dalila Belkheir

Algiers– Sources close to the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, said that the latter has began new negotiations with other laboratories as Novartis, in order to acquire the vaccine against influenza AH1N1, after that laboratories around the world have concluded to the ineffectiveness of the vaccine marketed by British laboratory GSK as well as its dangerous side effects.

According to sources of Ennahar, analysis and testing of the vaccine have confirmed that this vaccine has already killed dozens of people in Mexico and Canada because of the preservatives it contains. In Algeria, the testing made at the laboratory of control “Pasteur Institute” led to the death of laboratory rats.

The laboratory started using doses of 0.5 ml in error and that caused the death of the rats the next day, error that led to the dismissal of the laboratory manager. Then doses of 0.2 ml were used after the laboratory has received a document from GSK laboratory, indicating the need to use doses of 0.2 ml in the vaccine, although the vaccine has arrived in Algeria on the tenth of December.

In this context, sources close to the Pasteur Institute have revealed that the majority of employees of the laboratory reference of “Pasteur Institute” have never had to deal with this type of preservatives used in the GSK vaccine, but that they are used at doses of 0.5 ml of influenza vaccines. The error should normally be borne by the laboratory GSK which did not provide the technical specifications that defines the required dosage, which has misled the laboratory on the dose used in the tests.

Ennahar / Dalila Belkheir

Other tests were performed on rats with doses 0.2 ml, and results are expected today after they were scheduled for December 25. These tests are conducted by other laboratories, as the national laboratory for analysis of medical products and medicines and the laboratory of poisoning.

Severe allergies and deaths recorded in Canada after using the GSK vaccine

World Health Organization (WHO) has reported the registration of cases of acute allergy in Canada and Mexico after the vaccination of people with the vaccine produced by the British laboratory GSK. In a press conference last November 24, the spokesman for the organization, Thomas Abraham, said that a number of people vaccinated have presented cases of severe allergy. Despite this, the organisation said not to go back because the vaccine is the only way to confront this epidemic that has killed more than 9,000 victims up till now. In addition, the laboratory GSK acknowledged that a consignment of 172,000 doses out of 7.5 million was produced in Canada recorded a high rate of conservative products. On November 17, Canada announced the deaths of 200 people and 36 severe cases out of the 6.6 million people vaccinated with GSK vaccine.

Ennahar / Dalila Belkheir



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