Why Will No-One Listen? Why Is The UK Government Pretending There Is No Autism Crisis?

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By Lisa Blakemore Brown
April 30, 2009

Hundreds of people, mostly parents of autistic children, some with their children, met at The Temple tube station on the Embankment. Key people attended who have worked tirelessly for years to open the eyes of the Government. Allison Edwards brilliantly organised every detail of this very important event. Leading the way to Richmond House and Downing Street then Trafalgar Square were Scottish pipers. The rain held off for the walk, then the skies darkened and the heavens opened at various points during the hour of talks in Trafalgar Square but nothing could stop the speakers from getting their message across. The whole event was deeply moving.

I am a Psychologist specialising in Autism. I wrote a book in 2001 on what I call “tapestry disorders” as there are so many overlaps of definition. I recognised the link between autism and vaccines early on through looking at detailed health notes and parent videos.

In 1995 I was asked to assess 10 year old identical twins with such tapestry disorders – autistic with hyperactivity. The case was heading to Court and the mother was accused of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. That is, she was accused of fabricating or inducing the children’s problems. One expert said they were perfectly normal, which they could never be as they had been born at 26 weeks and suffered many health problems and learning difficulties linked to their extreme prematurity.

All the children were removed from the family, the Judge agreeing with the MSBP Expert and that the children were normal. From then on, they would never get their needs met as their real problems were being airbrushed out, their innocent mother condemned forever. The distortions, twisting of the truth and profound influence on the entire system – including health, education, the legal and social work system was truly shocking to me. The potential for these types of distortions to sweep through the system with a willing Government were all too obvious to me. I could not understand why this was happening and it began a long and weary quest to find the truth.

The Autism Epidemic

Over the years, as autism has skyrocketed from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 38 now, I have seen those same distortions multiplied so that mere rumour can now rapidly lead to someone being “suspected” of MSBP (though the name is rarely used now, the tactics have now become riddled through our system) by just about anyone.

It became increasingly obvious something was behind these barbaric and gargantuan efforts to hide the truth about certain conditions, what the autistic children and their families were suffering and also increasingly why there was such an epidemic- you can’t have a genetic epidemic, something had to be linked to the environment and as the numbers rose it simply could not be put down to a sudden increase in the number of bad parents. Distorted tactics served a number of purposes – to cover up for whatever was causing the conditions and this epidemic of autism and related disorders/to shift the focus away from whatever that was by demonising, ridiculing or at the very least ignoring parents and thus denying crucial educational and health support the cost of which was placing an increasing burden on the system. As time passed and more and more children suffered from more and more tapestry disorders including autism, the children and their needs could no longer be hidden away. My own knowledge of specific cases led me to realise that adverse reactions to vaccinations seemed to feature in many cases in which certain MSBP professionals became involved – albeit hidden from view. A glance at VAERS in the US or the Brighton Collaboration and the Yellow Card scheme in the UK – and even the product inserts – gives clear reference to a range of adverse reactions.

Vaccine Damage Denial

Some fairly obvious cases began to reach the High Court – cases in which babies had died following vaccines but the mothers were being accused, MSBP style, of killing them, shaking them, suffocating them etc. Two key Expert Paediatricians were Professor Sir Roy Meadow, who the Government Knighted in 1998, and Dr David Southall who was the Expert in my first twins case. Their involvement with vaccine research and policy was never mentioned in any of the Court cases.

That these men were covering up for vaccine damage by horrific distortions of the truth leading to a total system denial of reactions to vaccines (which in turn contributed to the blanket denial of this as a potential cause at the very least) was of course too shocking for people to even countenance – and this continues.

A breakthrough finally occurred in 2007 when, through the Freedom of Information Act, Professor Meadow was found to have been in Committees discussing Adverse Reactions to DTP and MMR vaccinations with Dr David Salisbury and Professor Elizabeth Miller and other key people on similar committees had links to the pharmaceutical industry, medical journals, the Courts and even the popular press. See Minutes, Joint Sub-Committee On Adverse Reactions To Vaccines And Immunisation. Adverse reactions ranged from Cot Death (known as SIDS) through anaphylaxis, allergies and a range of neurological impairments. Anaphylaxis now affects 1 in 50, 1 in 10 suffer with asthma, now 1 in 38 with autism. How long can we ignore this disaster? Britain will follow the US and become a nation of the chronically ill and the authorities will continue to pretend its not happening. If we don’t care about the children what about the costs of lifetime care?

Media Gagging

Increasingly, as the Press is gagged and silenced, these matters have reached the internet. Shockingly, there have even been efforts to gag people with websites who are providing the public with information where conflicted mainstream media fails. Jane Bryant at One Click was recently threatened with legal action by Dr David Salisbury unless she removed certain articles. Who are these people who sit on these Committees in charge of Public Health? What is their background? Why are the public not made aware of their conflicts of interest? They claim the high moral ground but I am sorry to say that by ignoring the constant suffering of increasing numbers of children/ blaming parents when they know all about adverse reactions to vaccination and don’t even mention this fact in Court and using threats against those who try to expose the truth, there is little evidence of any moral integrity at all.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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