Holy Hormones Honey! No Complications for Pregnant Women having Chemo

Leslie Carol Botha: I think we are all becoming aware of the absurd ‘take this drug’ messages coming out of the pharma industry – Pharma of course, owns the media. Can you imagine working for a corporate conglomerate who has no scruples and is bent on making a profit whether or not your health or the health of your unborn child is concerned?¬† And they condemn women for choosing abortion for unintended pregnancies – yet they can poison us?¬† ‘Growing evidence’ ain’t long-term studies…. Wondering who funded the studies…. gotta ask the question.

BTW – over 300 toxins have been found in umbilical cords – who wants to add one more?

Chemotherapy During Pregnancy Doesn’t Cause Complications, Study Says

ABC News
World News with Diane Sawyer
Aug. 16, 2012

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There is growing evidence that pregnant women with cancer aren’t putting their babies at risk by undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

A new study that followed more than 400 pregnant women in Europe who were diagnosed with breast cancer, found little to no evidence of negative health effects on infants whose mothers underwent chemotherapy — good news for the one in a thousand women who are pregnant and also suffering from cancer.

Infants whose mothers were treated with chemotherapy weighed less than those that weren’t exposed to chemotherapy, but they were not at higher risk of birth defects, blood disorders or loss of hair.

According to the German Breast Group, which led the study, premature birth not the chemotherapy treatment was responsible for babies being born at a low birth weight and other complications.

“More complications were reported in the group of infants exposed to chemotherapy than in the group not exposed to chemotherapy,” the study said. “However, most complications were reported in babies who were delivered prematurely, irrespective of exposure to chemotherapy.”

Incidences of pregnant women with cancer are growing and it may be because many women are delaying childbirth until later in their lives.

“I would say it is an increasing problem because people are generally delaying pregnancy,” said Dr. Stephanie Bernik, chief of surgical oncology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. “Women want to have careers before they start a family, so women are getting pregnant later.”

Additionally, pregnant women are often diagnosed with cancer at a more advanced stage because cancer symptoms can sometimes be mistaken for signs of pregnancy, making treatment more complex, Bernik said.

Now, a small body of scientific research has increasingly brought hope to women who are pregnant with cancer or those who become pregnant after a cancer diagnosis.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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