Australian Father’s Letter to the FDA regarding Gardasil

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Comment from Leslie

This is a father from Australia who posted a comment on my blog about his daughter a few days ago. In that time I have helped him to connect with others in our group who are being proactive on all levels on the Gardasil issue.  Tunley has since become a one man band and is emailing politicians, contacting people, and has now sent this letter to the FDA.

by Stephen Tunley

August 8, 2009

I am speaking to you today about my concerns with the Gardasil vaccine. I have been researching this vaccine since January, when I determined that my daughter developed several illnesses post-Gardasil. Prior to Gardasil, my daughter was a healthy, energetic young lady. She played softball and was on the University crew team. After her second shot, she contracted a severe case of pneumonia. That was the beginning of a series of illnesses that predicated her most recent hospital visit on August 22nd. Among her illnesses – pneumonia, dehydration, migraines, hair loss, hormone issues – and that’s not all of them. She would cry on the phone to me because she was so exhausted she couldn’t stay awake long enough to get her homework completed. She would cry because she was afraid she would lose her scholarship.

What I have found over the past several months of exploring Gardasil side effects is that my daughter and many other girls are exhibiting side effects which are consistent with vitamin B deficiency. I have read several papers about PKD (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency), which is part of a group of hereditary anemia disorders – hemolytic anemia. This deficiency, as I understand it, would cause ones red blood cells to function improperly and, therefore, affect the energy production of any new red blood cells, thus affecting several organs and tissues throughout the body.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the purpose of adjuvants in a vaccine. It is to lower the immunity long enough so that the body fights back to resist the virus presented in the vaccine, thus developing antibodies. If, however, the person receiving the vaccination has PKD, then the body would be further compromised by vaccine adjuvants which cause oxidative stress and the person receiving the vaccine would exhibit debilitating side effects (which is what has happened with many Gardasil girls).

Unfortunately, families that have a history of PKD are usually unaware as doctors do NOT regularly test for this, even though as much as 10% (perhaps more) of our population has it. This testing should be mandatory prior to any doctor giving any vaccinations. Unfortunately, this test was never done of my daughter and I still do not know if she had this hereditary trait. Instead, doctors roll their eyes at my daughter when she even suggests that Gardasil might be the cause of her health issues.

I do know that one of the outward signs of hemolytic anemia is jaundice, which my daughter had last December when she was sent to the ER for dehydration. I drove nine hours to pick her up since she was unable to travel and I was shocked to see how yellow her eyes were (my mother died of liver cancer so I am well aware of the “look” of liver failure). It terrified me.

I personally have received e-mails from many families who have severely ill daughters after Gardasil. Most of the girls were honor roll students and active athletes. I have read that strenuous activity severely depletes niacin levels (NAD – also a B vitamin). If this is the case, then the very active/athletic girls would not be able to produce new red blood cells to keep them healthy. This is also true for those who consume excessive amounts of alcohol (many college students). Higher amounts of fluoride also impair niacin production. ( All of this, added to the fact that these girls’ bodies are already overly taxed from the vaccine, combined with their genetic PKD deficiency …well … You can surely understand that this could be a recipe for disaster.

Without sufficient niacin (NAD), any individual would see interference in many physiological activities … symptoms such as brain fog, hormonal changes, fatigue, depression, seizures … and the list goes on. And if a person is vitamin B deficient, then it would also be possible that other vitamin production might be jeopardized since so many of the B vitamins are co-dependent. (Perhaps this is the reason why the girls are experiencing hair loss … a biotinadase deficiency?)

Something that is less critical, but no less unimportant, is a fact that has been touched on by several reporters and medical persons. The Gardasil test trials showed side effects of placebo vs. vaccine. However, this is not really a true determination of side effects since the placebo in Merck’s study used aluminum as the adjuvant (rather than saline). One would not see significant differences between the two groups because both aluminum hydroxide and aluminum phosphate have, in the past, shown a causal relationship to multiple neurological issues. Honestly, the side effects of BOTH groups should have been added together rather than shown as separate entities. (cite “The truth behind the vaccine cover-up” by Russell L. Blaylock, MD, attached, page 1720.) ALL vaccines should be required to use a TRUE placebo – a saline solution – rather than any type of solution Pharma thinks it can get away with.

And what about Polysorbate 80? We know that it has been known to cause fertility issues in mice. It has also been cited in a WIPO paper on impairing fertility in cats and dogs. It is eerily familiar to the way Gardasil is administered – a series of shots over a short period of time. (This would also cause a severe reaction in a person with PKD deficiency.)

While the VAERS data suggests that both lots U and X are severely problematic, these lots numbers have yet to be recalled by Merck. Surely something is amiss in these lots … extra yeast perhaps?

The VAERS system has to be updated if doctors continue to give vaccines without testing for genetic traits prior to vaccination. This is IMPERATIVE! And doctors have to be educated on the VAERS system and how to use it and be required to file reports.

When we realize that not even Merck knows the efficacy of their own vaccines and has estimated that children may have to be re-vaccinated every five years, does it honestly make sense that we would want to re-inject millions of children with both aluminum and polysorbate 80 every few years when we know both these ingredients are dangerous? Common sense would tell you that it is not. It would especially not make sense if there was no pre-screening for certain genetic traits that would make this exponentially more dangerous for so many.

Parents and doctors need to be educated as to the dangers and complications of vaccines. There are risks and rewards but these are not always revealed. “Pain at injection site” is not sufficient information for parents to make informed choices for their children. Parents shouldn’t have to find out “after the fact” that their children could get other, more severe side effects.

My daughter is slowly recovering from this vaccine. She’s on a gluten-free/sugar-free/dairy-free diet with vitamin supplements (vitamin B complex, vitamin D, vitamin C, and niacin). I don’t know if she will ever fully recover from Gardasil.

Please … don’t let other families go through what I have. It has nearly ruined my family and I can hardly live with myself and my decision to have my daughter vaccinated.

World Intellectual Property Organization – This paper cites nicotinic acid (niacin) as being able to cure all sorts of disease. The author of this paper is none other than a pharmaceutical company. Why would people still have these sorts of issues today if they know that nicotinic acid can cure what ails them? I would suggest that it is because these companies are in the business of making money. If they cure these issues, then “new” medications would not be the billion dollar money-makers that they are today. Pharmaceutical companies are in the business of selling medicine – and lots of it!


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.