Did the Gardasil Vaccine Kill Jasmine Renata?

Health Sentinel

by Rhonda Renata
March 21, 2010

Jasmine was our only daughter who we loved and thought was perfect in every way. We never had to reprimand her for anything and she would always come to us for advice. She never smoked, never did any drugs, and only had the occasional drink. She was kind and caring and she loved us all just as we loved her.

During a routine visit, Jasmine’s doctor persuaded her to get the Gardisil vaccine because it would help keep her safe from developing cervical cancer in the future. Jasmine received her first Gardisil vaccine in September 2008. Jasmine was always concerned about her appearance and she was quite distressed that shortly after the vaccine she noticed dry skin and warts appearing on her hands. She complained that she thought she was losing more hair than usual and that her pimples were getting worse. On the 20th of October Jasmine visited the doctor to treat her warts and dry skin. Jasmine had 4 or 5 warts frozen off. The doctor also said that her immunity was compromised so he prescribed a multivitamin as well as Locoid cream for the dry skin. The Locoid cream didn’t help the dry skin.

Jasmine received her second Gardisil shot on November 18, 2008. After the shot the warts returned as well as the other symptoms Jasmine was experiencing. In addition, she now also felt pins and needles up and down her arms. Her whole arm became so weak she could hardly use it at work and started to knock things over and she would lose her grip at times. I would like to say at this point that the doctor should not have given her the second shot as her immunity was down and because of the warts that occurred after the first shot. In retrospect, a red light should have gone up and tests should have been done first to determine whether giving the second shot was wise.

Now Jasmine started to get headaches, where before she hardly ever had them. She was now experiencing them at least twice a month. She said at times she would get sharp pains in the back of her eyes and that she couldn’t swallow her food and it felt like it was still in her throat which then made her feel sick. On January 28th, 2009 Jasmine went back to the doctors as the warts had returned and she had them frozen off again. Her dry skin problem was still there.

On March 17th, 2009 Jasmine went in for her 3rd Gardisil shot. Her medical record read, “In for 3rd Gardisil. Has been well. Nil concerns post last dose, nil contraindications.”

After the third shot, Jasmine’s dry skin condition remained on her hands and her headaches continued. Her acne remained and she started to get short tempered and increasingly self-conscious. She started complaining of pains in her legs, feet, back and abdominal pain. She said her stomach felt so tight in the mornings it was really painful.

Jasmine was sleeping whenever she wasn’t working which was highly unusual for her because she always kept her room and the house clean during the day when she was at home. Now she increasingly was sleeping instead and complained that she was extremely tired. One night she woke up with leg and back pain and she often had night sweats to the point where her pillow was saturated with sweat. She mentioned feeling dizzy at times and that her gums would bleed when she brushed her teeth.

In September 2009, one day Jasmine said, “Mum I’ve got a pain in my chest!” The pain would get better when she bent over. On another day Jasmine looked panicky and said that her heart was racing really fast and said “feel it mum its going really fast.” I felt her pulse and it was going extremely fast. The racing heart slowly passed.

On September 21st, 2009 Jasmine had to get up early on her day off to go get her restricted car license. After she took her test, her dad dropped her off at my job with the good news that she had passed. I told her how proud I was and we hugged, everyone at my job congratulated her. Then she drove home in my car and came back 1 hour later to say she was going into her work to cover for someone else’s shift.

At 4:30 PM 21st September Jasmine finished work and came to pick me up at my job. After a trip the grocery store we had some dinner out and then went back home. Around 10:30 PM Jasmine got ready for bed and we watched some TV. Jasmine said she was tired and went to bed after we hugged goodnight and said I love you to each other.

The next day her dad, her two brothers, and I got up and went to work. Because Jasmine was to start work later we left thinking that Jasmine was sleeping in her room. I went to work and assumed Jasmine was at her job. I wondered why she hadn’t stopped by my job as she had often done on her way to work but I assumed she was running late and didn’t have time.



Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.