Gardasil Blood Clots Are Not An Acceptable Consequence of Vaccination

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29.05.2010 | Author: sibleyhaley | Posted in Health & Disease

After spending several years in pre-med, I switched to Journalism and graduated from college with an understanding of medical issues combined with a reporter’s curiosity. In those days, a side effect like Gardasil blood clots might have slipped under the radar, but I like to think that pharmaceutical companies face more scrutiny today. They certainly face more legal pressure and it’s important for parents to know that if they have a child who has been adversely affected by an inoculation, they can turn to a vaccine injury lawyer to fight for them.

For those who still believe that vaccines are one hundred percent safe, I have news for you. Vaccines can and do occasionally cause adverse reactions in patients, sometimes resulting in serious complications like those linked to Merck’s HPV vaccine, Gardasil. Gullian Barre Syndrome is a serious neurological disorder that cause muscle weakness. In addition, Gardasil blood clots have been linked to deaths in girls who received the vaccination. This unfortunate truth is the reason the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVIP) was established by the government in 1986. If you suspect your child might be affected by an inoculation they have received, I urge you to contact a reputable vaccine injury lawyer. Potts/Sadaka LLC is a good example of a legal team I trust -they not only have lawyers who specialize in vaccination issues, but an attorney on their team has a Master’s degree in Science, so they understand the details.

Back to the NVIP. The fact that this program was established should immediately make parents aware that there is a risk involved in vaccinations. The good news is that if your child were to be affected, the NVIP not only pays compensation to treat injuries such as Gardasil blood clots, but also covers the legal costs, so a vaccine injury lawyer needn’t cost you personally.

My role isn’t to demonize vaccines. Vaccination programs have helped this country to eradicate many childhood diseases. However, parents need to know that not all vaccines have been tested in the same way and some are more controversial than others, a good example being Gardasil Blood clots and other side effects seem to be more common with this HPV vaccine and, as a parent, you should be aware of the controversy before opting to have your daughter vaccinated so you make an informed decision. .

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Tom Elliot has covered Vaccine related injuries and medical issues including those involving Gardasil Gullian Barre Syndrome and other vaccine-related issues have been the focus of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program since its inception in 1986. Elliot has watched media coverage of vaccination issues come and go, although with the recent furor over Autism and its potential connection to childhood vaccinations, the intensity of press interest has reached a high. After nearly 25 years of interviewing parents of affected children and working with legal and medical representatives, Elliot advises any parent who suspects their child might be affected consult with a reputable vaccine injury lawyer about their options.



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